Sonnet 0.0 by Jodekss Gloatkenf

By Jodekss Gloatkenf

Sonnet 0.0

Of worth be likest a golden gulf
This time you see man modify to a rustier stove
No stylistic application to do the life’s scalp dance you beat sufficient the satisfaction of us
We that would wouldn’t mind killing Jesus
If He comes comelier again for us
Every little thing with the big things rolling together at once:
Then your duty be fettered to the North
You took the North
My duty was from the North but…
Then to the West
In the same time then culmination of some west wind: wicked one
Then fanning the firkings slower, the sun scorchings of the north draining you down
Called the why you hid under some popular poplar then some graced don aboard some steel flight mocks from heaven
Shoutin’ time’s going away spend your time wisely but beware; what!


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