Romance: Now Jack Has Known by Jodekss Gloatkenf

Jack went straight downtown to his sister’s to check on her if she was good as she was sick. She had made a call to him early in the selfsame morning sounding uneasy of some sort. He was just a boy who was so fine, naive, with coiled hair. On getting to hers he met the main door to the staircase opened just like that.
“My sis wouldn’t joke with this door, why is it opened now?” he said confusedly. He ran up through the staircase but to find out her door was locked but he could hear her giving some sort of sounds of enjoyment but mixed with moan which he had never heard of, really before. He could not decode what it was all about. He sat close to the door, wanted to sit on the first step of the staircase having placed his backpack beside himself. His bag was about rolling down the staircase but he was smart enough to use his right leg to quickly stomp it. Then a voice, a male voice resonated around from inside his sister’s “who’s over there?” The noise he could not decode had paused. But he was scared. Thinking the owner of the voice was some assassin of some sort. Jack ran down hurriedly the stairs, breathing heavily as if being chased by some ravenous beast from a nightmare. He went straight to the phone boot and made a call having dialed 911 informing them what… he had conceive. Before Jack Robinson, NYPD was already around to attend to the situation. He was out already awaiting there coming around. He pointed and directed them to the right direction. The squad went as they would always do, in military procession, skilled and smart. With their kits intact and in all black and the head of their guns were all on their chest pointing right to where their sights meant. They climbed gently the staircase. Gave signals with their fingers for two to move there, one, there and three to be there. Then one jackbooted the door down into shreds to meet a man toying around with Jack’s sis’s puss, shagging her real hot as she lay in her bed giving silent sensuous expressions to all that.
They went down and talked to Jack, everything was well with his sis and in fact she was on her way down fine. She came down and hugged her brother saying to him “O brother, you know little!”
He looked confused and asked “how do you mean sis?” “You would understand someday.” she responded.
“Hi big buddy!” Said the huge, muscular African-American guy. “I am good!” Jack responded confusedly.
Chloe introduced them saying “Jack Jax, my boyfriend, Jax Jack, my little brother.”
“O, now I see… sister. This means you are fine right?” He asked.


Jodekss Gloatkenf


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