[Romance] How I almost lost my phone worth N58,000 to her: Playing with my Soft Rod {Erotic 18+}

Not suitable for those 18-. At your own reader’s discretion! This work is ONLY for 18+

How I almost lost my phone worth N58,000 to her: Playing with my Soft Rod {Erotic 18+}

I was feeling so tired and so cold as a result of the week’s daily office work.
I said thank God it’s Saturday. No office work.
I was blogging from the crack of dawn till about 1.45pm when I heard a knock on the door.
“Who’s that, please?”
“Guess I have told you to stop visiting without an appointment?”
“So sorry. I don’t have a phone again.”

I could smell pranks at her words and looks.

I stayed mute like what a remote could do to a Television set.

“You’re not looking too healthy…”

She advanced forward like a sprinter who is about to handle a Barton from a fellow sprinter.

I was a bit confused why she was coming too close like this.
She is one girl I love giving a breathing space as a result of her cunningness.

“Watch me while I do my thing.”

I told my muse to sit beside me while I see what this cunning mistress is up to.

Within a blink of an eye, I can’t even explain how it happened

I saw my soft rod in her mouth.

She began to suck and lick the hell out of it while my head was spinning. I guess I was enjoying the play being enacted into a drama.

While my soft rod was still in her mouth, she sent one of her hand on an errand to buy some stuffs at my chest.
The hand on an errand finally behold one of my nipple. She craftily worked on it alongside the duty she has been doing at my down below.

The atmosphere became hazy beyond my comprehension as she descended from my nipples to licking and sucking of my right ear.

It seems she has been watching adult movies in the recent past as she paused at once from all she was into.

Focused on my navel and began to work on it with her tongue.

I almost gave up the ghost. I have never enjoyed smooching like this before since I descended from my mother’s womb.

“I have been too quiet for this daughter of Eve. She felt I am a novice in the wilderness of romance?”

I whispered to myself.

Gazing at her eyes like a nomad to his cow, I got hold of her two mangoes with my hands. Squeezed. Sucked. Licked passionately.

I zoomed my soft rod from her chest to her mangoes, I pretended I wanted to park the soft rod in between her mangoes. I zoomed down to her feet, I played with them with the soft rod and made an automatic U-Turn and finally parked at her centre of attraction (dark zone).

As I made an attempt to slip the soft rod into her dark zone, she moaned and groaned like a prostitute would do to attract more costumers.
She picked up my soft rod and inserted it into her mouth.

She began a second missionary journey of working on my soft rod with her mouth.

I tried to hold myself not to ejaculate. But it was just beyond me.

My soft rod began weeping out tick milk from its mouth.

The very first time I saw a girl taking all my milk like a child enjoying a cup of an ice cream.

I was a bit weak.
No appearance of life in me.

My pain was not working on her dark zone with my soft rod.

I lay on my pillowless bed like an abandoned vulture as a result of the excessive milk I have secreted from my soft rod.

She took advantage of this.

Grabbed my android phone and made for the door.

“See you never again in life-”

I summoned strength from no where and snapped from the bed not minding what I was wearing.
Chased her. Then I finally grabbed her under an orange tree in front of my house.

Collected my phone from her, waved her life goodbye.


Work of fiction. Purely imaginary story.

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