Review of OAU Awards: List of People That Should Have Gotten Awards

Review by
Emmanuel Kayode aka Jodekss Gloatkenf

“List of people that should have gotten awards at the just concluded OAU Awards” written by a prolific young satirist was published early on this date, Jul/10/2017 on social network(s), whatsapp to be specific (but if he would not take it beyond whatsapp to me, he has done little good work professionally). It was sent to groups there and I singly received one from him as I got lucky to be on his contact list and even so lucky to have known him in a general sense. Not to lead you astray taking you textually by hand off track, I would love to tender my earnest commentary that he has done remarkably well. He reminded me what a true Judicial arm of government should have been for real for once in our so called developing society as a true one would only dully try and play its roles as enshrined in the constitution. Things have been brought to light even the more again in this article from his desk. All who’s alive and current around the four walls of our
prestigious campus would know this would not be his first time of satiring “So Hot Inc” (I know, not that I think). But as he is a man, in fact a boy like I am (at least until we both are married we still are so, you know!), ‘he cannot be all perfect’ even in doing good his satire and I thank God he didn’t specify so but he could be addressed for seeming so a satirist. Exactly, God who gave us the earth upon which OAU Ile-Ife is built still receive deriding remarks from us all because He is perfect and all that.

Reflection on Paragraph one/instance ❶:
It is a joyful thing it is not everyone having the face of life and way damn buried in the Wonderland away from happenings on OAU Ile-Ife campus – Gracious was alive for real unpersonified and he wrote that. Even I… was up alive but sleeping metaphorically and practically in reflecting upon happenings in my community most of the times. He should be applauded the more for listing out those untouched parts by So Hot Inc. But I would love to tip the fact that So Hot Inc is no Father Christmas (even the Father Christmas from Israel or wherever will never be able to reach all kids in the nooks and crannies of the world with his magical ride and all those shimmering stars that follow him all about). Having read it down to the bottom, I could not find the names of us students who find it fun to stress up those ‘private cleaners’ there for instance (although, they are not part of the learners here as they are not students but I have suggested them as the author stretched his satire past us in here – ‘Ogba Femi’). If not for them, many of us would have died of kinds of diseases which kill faster than even HIV-AIDS. I don’t need mentioning names or scaring you with medical terms, we all know them. At times, you who are reading this, would do it on the floor for them to wash up and dry shining fine. At times, to come to its list, you litre about the way your emotion drives you and even consciously or unconsciously pour cold or hot or warm or admixtured water on their heads as they are working to help us and our environs be fine. My boss, put them or us in your list next time and you would be close to perfection.

Reflection on Paragraph two/instance ❷:

I like the analysis here. It is impressive and of cause virtually realistic. It has even made me to know the depth of how corrupt elected heads could turn into after due processes are followed to the core during the elections. Deductively, that in democracy an election is free and fair and credible does not mean the winners would do fine. I am made to reason, even real thieves would do fine, we should elect them in and not think twice. At least, one would know the persons making up the Administration is a rogue thief and not one who’s a scientist (to be). But I have a problem with something here. It is confusing. You’d know it isnot a 14-seater bus but 10. Really, if you meant they deserve one award, I think they merit 10 for their obvious lies and all that. With “obvious lies” written in lowercase like that tagged to the ‘fist’ like that, (I think).

Reflection on Paragraph two/instance ❷:

Yes, “yeye” commission they are. Just trying to paraphrase your long analogy defining how pathetic everysystem in our society has turned into. Even the founders and the employees too should begin to check themselves too as they are corrupt in moves.One time they would pick up a case and even heaven and the devil would hear the thudding of the noises they make but before you know it, the money accumulated and the victims would just fade away into naught as if they never happen. And victims vie for offices and win and loot more and the money got another thieves got to restore for the masses to suffer. The links have always looked mixed, so, they, EFCC merits a (mixed) award.

Reflection on Paragraph three/instance ❸:

Yes, yes, yes they merit an award. They are like the consciousness of this community. But I would have been much more glad if the author had tried to state one or two of their flaws. One from me is that they lack diplomatic approach as a 21st century association that is this conscious should possess. Two, why the inconsistency now? Before… Leftists don’t engage in politics but to make a cedar wood kind of stance twixt the School Authority and the Student in the name of justice, parity and welfarism. Well, their good’s have filled in really for their bad’s. Again, they merit at most one, really.

Reflection on Paragraph four/instance ❹:

Yes they merit award as they have done really well having performed poorly in securing – the nucleus of their existence. But why? Those on campus too merit one. Would have liked this paragraph the more if they are mentioned. Since they are not slack like a weak pants now, guys who would or could not afford hotels use the superstructure of Amphi-theatre to shag females and all that. Some would even do exodus down to agric to have it all night long. Where are the vigilantes and ones with cars with torches (and canes). Give them an award too please, organisers, next time).

Reflection on Paragraph five/instance ❺:

The figure implied merits derision to be blunt and an award. The author reminded me why I love American movies well. If it were a white who is as ill as he his, he would have reasoned and resigned as advised by the doctor. But no, not in Nigeria or Africa. I kudos you for this part the most as it is most pressing. When the head is sick the whole body is sick. Or what would one calls it, I mean, what is a body without a head? So, a great deal of effusion of words have been put to charge there, to me, not really for selfish interest but to awaken our awareness anywherewe have found ourselves, as we applaud someone, a group, an organisation, a firm or an establishment, we should help and look at their other side[s] alongside for betterment.

Source: Escola Magazine

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