Nigerians are Born Tribalists!

Nigerians are Born Tribalists!


I have been pacing up and down since I had the urge to ink on the above topic.

Truly, Nigerians are terrible tribalists.

Ethnicity is one of the issues why Nigeria is still where it is today.


We went for an outreach at a secondary school in Imo state, and what I saw with my own naked eyes would ever remain open to the callousness of tribalism in Nigeria.

We tend to value someone that is from our ethnic group.

As corps members who have been sent for ‘drug abuse’ talk in secondary schools… We got to the venue and continued with introduction.

We were about 29 corps members sent out for that outreach at Ikeduru Local Government Area.


I noticed something as the introduction was going on.

If you introduce yourself and your state, they would clap once or twice. But when it got to those Imolites (Imo indigenes) who are serving in their state, it was a thunderous nonstop applause.


With the above, do you still need a sorcerer to tell you that Nigerians are born tribalists?


The answer is NO.


So, when are we going to wake up from the sleep of tribalism, nepotism, favouritism, etc. that have bedeviled this giant of Africa?



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