Ndokwa Association in America (NAIA) speaks out

Ndokwa Association in America (NAIA) speaks out



In the last few weeks, our Ndokwa homeland has witnessed an increase in the kidnappings and murders of Ndokwa citizens at the hands of their fellow Ndokwa citizens who are their neighbors; their extended family brothers and sisters whom they share boundary with over land dispute in the Umuebu/Amai/Eziokpor/Obiaruku geographical locations. On the fourth of June 2017, the National Executive Council of the Ndokwa Association in America held a meeting in consideration of the crises affecting our homeland and our entire membership adopted the resolution to unequivocally condemn these attacks anywhere they occur in Ndokwa land.

We denounce the violence and demand that those masterminding these senseless killing of our brothers and sisters be held responsible and be brought to justice for their actions.


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We call on the Inspector General of Police, the Delta State Government and all law enforcement agencies responsible for public safety in Ndokwa land to engage, arrest and prosecute the culprits to the full extent of the law. We hereby refute in the strongest terms; the baseless rumor being peddled by the enemies of a peaceful Ndokwa coexistence who have alleged that Ndokwa indigenes in Diaspora (United States and United Kingdom) are funding the purchase of guns and ammunitions used in these senseless killings of our Ndokwa sons and daughters. For the record, let it be known, and it must be very well understood: the Ndokwa Association In America (NAIA) is a non-partisan, non-profit making Charitable organization recognized by section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

The primary focus of our Association is the expanded our scholarship program and embarked on our new Ndokwa Youth Empowerment Program. The vision is to provide our youths with finances needed to enable them to establish their own businesses and become self-reliant and productive members of the Ndokwa Nation. As we have done since the inception of our National Association in the United States, we will relentlessly continue to strive to uplift the lives, hope and aspirations of our people.

Obviously, we cannot and do not engage in funding of guns and ammunitions to kill the same Ndokwa families we have devoted our lives uplifting and developing.

We are convinced that the fall out of this conflict is the failed policies of the previous administrations and Politicians who have marginalized our people indefinitely. We, the Ndokwa citizens from all Ndokwa extractions resident in the United States, stand in solidarity with all the progressive leaders and organizations working towards the unity and advancement of our Ndokwa Nation. Speaking with one voice, we denounce any use of violence as a means of resolving disputes in our homeland. Although the dispute between these Ndokwa communities has a long historical origin, however, the latest crises has come to our attention and we realize the urgent need to transform the policies in Ndokwa land in order to facilitate real economic development of the region. This will ensure that justice, transparency and accountability prevails. We are willing to lead this effort. We call on Ndokwa Political representatives, all Captains of Industries, all noble Ndokwa Chiefs/Onotu’s, all Ndokwa Intellectuals and think-tanks to forge a bond in the effort to find a lasting solution to these problems.

We urge all the communities involved in this conflict to economic and human development of our Ndokwa homeland and its people.

For over 15 years, we have been known primarily for awarding scholarships to Ndokwa students from our three Local Government Areas in Delta State. We have

Signed: Ani Almona Oluku Esq. Ani Almona Oluku, Esq. National President cease all hostilities towards their neighbors to enable the fashioning of a peaceful and amicable solution to all issues involved.

Ndokwa Ma Nma – Omani Osanyi — Long Live Ndokwa Nation

Signed: Fabian Oyolu Hon.

Fabian Oyolu, National Secretary

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