Hot! Interview with the upcoming young artiste – Laykon

By Jodekss Gloatkenf


You are?

I am Kayode Peter Olalekan

Hails from Osun state, Erinmo Ijesha.

Born and grew up in Ile-Ife and Osogbo in Osun State, Nigeria.

Tell us how it all started.

It all started out when I was a little boy. Even right from then all I enjoyed doing the most is singing. My mum used to tell me I could sing and mime any kind of song I chose to sing so conveniently and fluently.
So, when I metamorphosed as a teeny-weeny from age 13 to 19, I understood music the more and could ascertain the fact that there are different kinds of music such as soul and r&b,rap,jazz,rock,pop,hip hop and so forth.

How about your first song composition and your reactions toward it?

I started composing different kind of songs whenever I am inspired through my emotions, feelings, moods, motives, visions to. Sometimes in the street more specifically, in the hood but I never had a chance to put it all into music as serenity until now in which only thing my atman keeps telling me is… no need to watch, the time is now or never… ipso facto. My motive is to get deeper and wider in the music industry in Nigeria, Africa and globally God helping!

You sing singly. Would you like peering up or something like FT and all that?

I will like to work with different artiste both upcoming and established artiste humbly and earnestly.

How could you be reached?

On Facebook: Laykon kayodey
My contact : 08062115939

What about Twitter and Instagram accounts?

I am on them but working currently on them to perfect some privy things.

What privy things, if I may?

[Laughs] Not really that privy. No worries, you’d get to know soon enough. Thanks!

His recent track is ONE MIC which will be downloadable soon.

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