#FreeElujoba: Nigeria On The Brink Of Slaughtering One Of Her Finest Administrators On The Slab Of A Nepotistic Anti-corruption Drive

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The writer of this piece, Omooba Dafidi is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach him via davospeaks@gmail.com

Some of us (Nigerian youths) have made up our mind and sworn to ourselves to uphold the great values of humanity that are obviously lacking in the country’s leadership today, even while we are yet to lead, when we are privileged to lead and for the rest of our lives. The simple reason is because we clearly understand, feel and suffer what selfish and corrupt governance, incompetencyand anarchy have made of Nigeriaand her defenseless citizens.Unfortunately, as I write, the failing Nigerian system is once again bearing so hard on our resolve, our resilience and motivation to remain true to this noble decision of ours. You know it’s quite pathetic and saddening right?I have been a community member, an ardent follower of events and a critical observer of administrations in Obafemi Awolowo University for a while, especially in the last 6 years or thereabout. I have never witnessed a kind of the leadership brought on board by Professor Anthony Elujoba.To tell the obvious, it was more than a smooth academic calendar for an institution that usually strikes pretty better than thunder. I mean, that was just one of the many goodies that have since come the way of Nigeria’s best university while the Village Chemist lasted at the helm of affairs.Now, he’s been made to pay for probably going a long extent to ensure normalcy restored to the once tattered system. While I believe no one should truly be above the law, it is a shame that the case for us in Nigeria cannot be described any better than a Yoruba adage has put it; “Ńse ni a fi ètè silè pa làpálàpá” (We are ignoring leprosy for the cure of ringworm).I feel if Professor Anthony Elujoba is eventually jailed for restoring sanity, pride and peace to#GreatIfe after several years of struggles and apparent maladministration of the institution, then, Nigerians (especially members of OAU community) need to be convinced about the real values of the present central government and where its interest lies.More importantly, this is the best time for the direct beneficiaries – students, staff, parents, Ile-Ife community, Osun State, Nigerian students and all sincere Nigerians – to raise their unified voice in rejection of the obvious selective corruption fight and victimization of ‘distant’ Nigerians by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).Of course, we know those who ranour system aground and surely, we know they have political immunity from the leprous claws of justice. If not so, now tell me, for how long are we going to reward the real thieves with appointments instead of breaking their heart of crime?By the way, where is the Great Ife student’s Union whose members have benefited the most from the leadership of the Pharmacist? Oh, my bad, I almost forgot a soon-to-be medical doctor, who currently leads the Union is allegedly in the business of doctoring the doctrines of the same Union.So I learnt, as I was gathering thought for this piece that the Union Executives, in a statement purportedly signed by the Union PRO said “…as Students’ Union, wefirmly maintain our position not tobe used by any Union, organisation and even the University Management to achievetheir selfish agenda. Nevertheless,it is essential that students decide on what is right and healthy for our Union and mass of students atthis critical point in time.” Applaudise!!Well, I am not certain about those advising the Union’s CEC to tow theline of denying a man who promised the restoration of its proscribed Union and reinstatement of its rusticated comrades and did not eventually renege on fulfilling those promiseson assumption of office, among many other developments that came to OAU during his time.I have read comments by some campus Leftists and probably that is where the CEC stole this silly idea. One thing is sure, whatever position the Union takes at this time is well capable of changing narratives in the near future. Therefore, there is a need for OAUstudents to assert a notable and noble stand on the current Magu’s danse macabre.Let me even ask, is anyone still in doubt if selective corruption fight is not what this present government is best known for? Do you not think it is really high time any sincere Nigerian youth reassessed his/her loyalty to this seemingly incompetent government?Without mincing words, I am strongly of the opinion that Nigeriais at the brink of slaughtering one of its finest administrators on the slab of nepotism. If it does, the martyr’s blood will spill over and clog the intent of doing any good in many. Sadly, Late Major Daniel Bamidele now comes to mind again…

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