Double Theory II

Life’s two side ways. The choice made shows no choice’s made but fate at work…

Yester-wise you came to become one
of those hypocrites
Or ones who would walk their brains drained of clear reasonings so
You chose to pretend like a lying alligator in pools of blood for razor
For another prying prey
So listen to this tit-bits before you get cut it is our fate
A posted image of death reasons was why you stupor
But even if razor won’t undo dome a done nail
Lads use canine while lasses use fashion accessories like files
So who can escape the fart fanned out from his butt
You run?
It came out from your own butt
The stench we come to come curse the causer we go relieved
The lots remain within the tummy the mouth laughs of fine teeth sprayed of a zillion dollar worth
The dirt – glottar downward is for ever unbearable
Running from what you are running from keeps you running still
You run a-spot
Running to where you ran from is…
This is the part we ought to agree tragedy is a good act
A whole lots of black mirror
No resolves, but we stance still a rollin’ vase we’ve bought flowers for perhaps
If not she shreds apart or receive a loam land n’ gazes; gazers…

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