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Abúlé Ètàn: Dramatic story by Jodekss Gloatkenf

Act one Scene one


Oba Jagunlabi, Jungunnu, Opéejíje, Jangbalajugbulu.

Eemo reeeeee o, Kabiyesi Come outside
Óyá, come out now o,
Wa wi tenu e…


Wait… Kabiyesi, e duro sibeyen
It is you they have issues with not me
Let me talk to them
It is my duty.


Oba Jagunlabi, Jungunnu, Opéejíje



People… people… calm down
Ani e calm down na
What is the problem huh?

One old man from the crowd:

Wait… Enough of your pretence Jangbalajugbulu, don’t
We respect you but now it seems you have even joined those rubbers

The crowd:

He has joined them.

One old man from the crowd:
E calm down na.

Ani e calm down… Let us be calm and things shall come to light.

Another rugged voice from amidst the crowd:

Shut up!
You, shut up!
Who are you to tell us to calm down?
Look here chief, we are active-minded indigenes of this big village and we are no tomfools. Go in. Tell the Oba Jagunlabi to come out now and tell us how much he or they or whoever bought the òkò.


Abi o… who needs it!
Thieves. Yéyè…

Jangbalajugbulu :
Jungunnu, don’t just stay there calm looking like Èfó… Help talk them down na…

E take it easy. Let us be civil, please na. About what was bought, I can exactly tell you I know nothing about it.


Ah… ah…

Kabiyesi o… Kaaaaara o le o…
I thought I told you not to come out. I am handling this.

Oba Jagunlabi:

It does look like the opposite.
Go away, I’ll take it from here…

Good, great and ever conscious people of Abule Ètàn.
I am sorry for delaying you this far. I had to see the geography of the palace.

I will answer every of your question but would like to start with the hottest one. I can see your faces boiling hot.
Okay, the ókó [we] bought at 29 cowrie.


That small infertile land… Yeh…

[Crowd began climbing the scaffold] [shouting]

But Opéejíje, he said… 25 cowrie…

Oba Jagunlabi, Jungunnu, Opéejíje.



Awa o ni gba
Awa o ni sun
Awa o ni wo…

Awa o ni gba
Awa o ni sun
Awa o ni wo…

Awa o ni gba
Awa o ni sun
Awa o ni wo…

Abule Ètàn

Act one Scene Two


Gbòungbòun, Igbáládogí, Akòkò.

Good morning everyone here
As this is a formal gathering, let us try and be formal…

[Shouts from the crowd at the market square]

Please… please… please… let us maintain decorum
One house please…
I… Igbáládogí, your humble representative… am here now to do exactly as you have sent
This matter is not the only one at hand, you’d know.

[Exclaim] Yes…

One of the few adult in the village:
Yes… that witch must be dealt with too o.
Olé ni…
“Like husband like wife”

We cannot just deal with anyone without following and or consulting the oracles.

We have done that…

Where was I?
Gbòungbòun, Akòkò, where was I?

Akòkò: At that moment…ahem… ehn…

What is all this ehn? Just go on, tell me, where was?

Awe…right. Three meetings held right after you were beaten into coma.

I was down for days real? Whoa…! wait… wait… getting the flahes now…
I was beaten and done close to death where a snake climbs a sign post for pills.

I told that before sir…
Aye… you were in sick bed.

Oya o sha, don’t just sit down there…

Gbòungbòun, Akòkò:

You are the one still having the floor na…

Thoughts from among the crowd:
The gods are being nailed to earth
By bigger gods, o, or by the checkers in their declaring wigs
The youngs to come here in disarray
And past god we worshipped is being bunt on the way.


Ahem… These are the troubles filed against her majesty
She should show up lest she should be dealt with
Any hands for this should be cut
Any hands stain from you all here at the market square must remain forever tucked.

Appearing… appearing… she’s to come and answer these questions… when she appears. She must…
Why she had take our cowrie and lavish it selfishly for kangaroo services ah!

Another voice from the crowd:
Beat her to stupor…
Beat her as we beat the king…
Beat her… chastice her at her butt…
Female rubber…

Female rubber…
Female rubber
Female rubber…
Female rubber
Female rubber…

Thronging crowd:
Female rubber…
Female rubber
Female rubber…
Female rubber
Female rubber…

[Shouts continue]

Ehn hey…! He’s passed out o…

Some voice from among the crowd:

Carry him again, he is weak too…
We shall continue to take our left
Tell him to wake up
Give him a hot slap
Pour him hot water
Overly cold water or some scary shouts…
Wake him and make him explain…



Let us be civil… I…

The leader from the left:
Shut up.
The sitting had had you held dangling for 2 moons…
If guilty of the so called ókó you and your king had.
That would be very bad
For judgment shall role its dirty wrath side on you both next.
Leave us…



Thoughts out loud from among the crowd:
The good old god is about being nailed in a bad land
The good god who’s mighty hands fed us well to give vast life, hope and living sessions to run….
Other gods are to be blamed. They are not to be blamed. Things like this takes time. At times moons to shine many nights and sun to grow thousands of maize for towns.
The king and his purse on hold.
The gods we fear and perhaps loved before rested on the quizzing words of checkers…
Abule Ètàn under ètàn as usually.

To be continued…

By Jodekss Gloatkenf



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