Abúlé Ètàn by Jodekss Gloatkenf

Act one Scene Three


Ìyàlapèrè, Jangbalajugbulu, Jungunnu


Jungunnu… Ah! I don’t seem to grasp how the oracle thinks… He was not around and his acolytes took charge for him abi beeko ehn…. Sòrò now Jungunnu?
How many cowrie did I collect sef….
Is it not to breathe blessings and bliss and cleanse our new servants?
Talk at this juncture… This one ehn that you are as somber as dead brook is becoming something else jare…
Ah ah, mo think pe you know how to argue ni na ah ah!
Argue na… Abba ah ah ehn!


Wo… take it easy!
Wo… we will have to go together nani. You have to come now face the Oracle again… ehn!
Leave him let hi…m…

Eduro jor…
E wa, ki le fi mi pe gan na…
Sey that I did, no, that I am doing critical topics and arguments in our first moon means I must contribute in what you caused ehn?
Look here, I know what I am doing and I am not going beyond my office as people did try and put me there to…

Gbe gbogbogbogbogbogbo gbogbo enu e soun jor… Alailojuti alagbada osi, ole funfun….

Ehm, thank you jare for your words.

Eh, did you hear that?

It is about our past gods o…
The immediate one before the god over us today.

So… ehn ehn ki wani?

They are to cut take away his shrine away from our town.
He doesn’t merit that. The god is a good one and life went on well with us then as we all knew.

So… ehn ehn ki wani?


Let us sha go, the three of us. Let us not keep the oracle waiting too long lest he…


Ìyàlapèrè, Jangbalajugbulu

Awon alakoba osi…
You want to implicate me ehn
Critically I have seen through these darkly lights
There would be nothing she can do even if she fought fights
Fights very well for her rights she shall put to rest
Mm… investigation is still boiling on.
Should the food be done and there is a bit poison in the taste.
Then the ókó we got shall come to halt and our reign shall commence to be irrealis abi…
Me I like this robe o ish…



[At the palace of the oracle with all his bits of powers there]
Hello, you, you and you. Be calm and we shall get to the bottom of tall this…

A voice not belonging to the Oracle’s power:

Yay… this is the garnering of vipers and chameleons taking the charge of ropes
To help the the poor like us be and have our tattered wears
Upon which we lay them for fun. Chameleons came comely having loaded high and shite on them again to make bad the worse
And as we wear them the vipers crawl out and gaze into our houses in the mid of the night and bite us all down
Making us all satisfied with venoms vile worth.
Young bananas who whom he nurtured till maturity came upon them so
The bananas we buried in the soils to feed upon they pluck and eat to aught
And the remnants they smash into bits and boo us to the face to come back.
You have to understand.

[Exit all but the voice]

[The voice continues]
Another thief with three hollows down there has been put to sopor
And noises of confusion crawl in and continue to crack the grounds and floors for the future now.

And with our gods. The past gods I mean.
To do good is good as you would have seen
It is different to be there, just there and poured contempt like yaw
But fervour has found its course around Elú, god’s jaw
As the procession of the world worked their various paths to meet like 1
And shame cruises the devil’s back as he later won
Let us leave God of god curse the universe to turn into water and fire
And fire every head, little or much, 1 or bunches wanting to spoil his retire.

[Exits a voice not belonging to the Oracle’s power]

To be continued…


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