Abúlé Ètàn Act One Scene Five by Jodekss Gloatkenf

[This happened before their pathetic apologies].

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All the powers and the Oracle.

The Oracle:
E wòó let us have the first four of the powers given appointment to look into it.
Óyá óyá… e jọ̀́ọ́.
We cannot see the day to tire down o.

[Proceeded forwards the second four powers]

Alright… thank you for taking Many a times to look into it all. Óyá, who’s the leader? Who’s your leader? Don’t you have a leader ni? We told you to appoint a leader, didn’t I ni?. Where….

[One of the four interrupts abruptly]

I am the leader. I am their leader… ah!

Ah… kíní gan…

The Oracle:
And why would you not talk before…
[Soliloquy] — ‘So, emi ni “ah… kíní gan…” abi. Or i e daru’

Common. Give us your findings jo.

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:

Thank you sir. And ehnm ahem…!

The Oracle:
What again bayi…?

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:

I am not… I mean we are not the first team entrusted with this thing. The first team are busy ar…

The Oracle:
Ar… what Ah! ?
Were you supposed to be his or their mouthpiece ni?
When I summoned you all were they not all present there ni ehn. Eh! E maa wo o, I can bewitch my own powers o. I have the might and the power too to o…
Where are they now tell me?

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:
In the morning. When I… I mean before I went… had my breakfast. I was having running stool… stomach ache.
So… I was so wick that I was even being helped by my own wife to get on the potty at a point in time…
So, when…

The Oracle:
Gbe gbogbo enu e soun jo… what did I ask you, what are you narration ehn?

[All laughed, except the Oracle]

E panu yin mo jo. What is funny here ehn? We talking about theft here, corruption and looting of the highest order from the highest order. Common ko funny…

[All sighed in agreement]
[But one chuckled and laughed lightly]

Tell us, tell me what you your own team have found after weeks of investigations.

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:

Sir… and all hands looking at us here. We have done our utmost looking having looked into the matter boiling real hot. We remain inconclusive yet.

[A noise erupted]

The Oracle:
One house please. Please, let us here him finish then we fit talk wetin you wan talk. Thanks.
Tell us more…

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:
That was all actually…

The Oracle:
That was what?

You see. Thieves, bunch of them, good four of them have been pinpointed to seek the paths of other thieves; how would they not find them… We funded your team didn’t we…?

One of the four who’s the leader of the four:
Okay… I we would like to tender the documentation of how we went about our investigation to you. In your wisdom, we believing you would be wise and know when we tell the fact or not, would see us right having worked diligenty honeslty.

The Oracle:
Bla bla bla blablabla…
The next group please.

[Two groups of four each came out at the same time with their leader each]

The Oracla:
I didn’t remember we appointed eight to be in one group na!

[Each leader steps out]

Yes, the wisest, we agreed to do it this thus way to save time. People of the village are already leaving all that. We mainly agreed because we both are having the same defaults.
We both went to the seller of the ókó. He explained he sold so. But that could be disagreed with, my maester.
We went, one. We met with the seller,: two and we got to know he sold it so, three.

The Oracle:
Ah… bla bla bla blablabla bla!
O ga o… Otito ti sonu.

[Entered the last four group, arguing as they thud in approaching the front where the Oracle stands]

Kilosele ẹ?

One of the four who’s the leader of this four:

Thank you Mr. Oracle…
E wo… Oro po o but I would not take much of your time.
Look, whatever they, the rest 12 persons have said are true and fact but we, went deeper tl verify.
So, that was why we came late sir…

The Oracle:
Understandable. Go on soun…

One of the four who’s the leader of this four:

We have been to other sellers to verify how much they would sell the same land, as poor as it be now.
They gave us details, that even after the bushes have been cut and all that. The fact remains the land is not fertile at all for crops for good crops to grow on.
They variably said, 12 cowrie one said it can be up to 15, lailai.
And we a know how much they have claimed to have purchased it, cut the grass on it.
We have reasoned and we might not give up just yet. For it is or could be 6feasible in this kind of community that the CEC have gagged the mouth of the seller with part of the cowrie.
You understand me right?

[All hmmm and murmuring began… cracking the atmosphere]

We shall find a way around all these and shall we find out in the long all na lie…
The king must open the calabash and we shall bury the Opéejíje alongside with him.

Abúlé Ètàn: Dramatic story by Jodekss Gloatkenf

[All say beeni, complementarily]

The Oracle:

Yes…. this the kind of report I have been longing for to listen.
May the gods now and then bless you..

So, ko ni ju bayen lo o…


To be continued…


Abúlé Ètàn by Jodekss Gloatkenf

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