10 Things Every Old and New Blogger should Know!

10 Things Every Old and New Blogger should Know!

1. You can be sued for plagiarism.
This is why you should insert a link at the bottom of the post that is not original in your site. Or probably insert SOURCE and the name of the site it was copied from.

2. Source for original posts.
People will desist from frequenting your site when they keep seeing what they have seen somewhere else.
Be original at least up to 65%. That’s a B.

3. Blogging is a long time investment.
You cannot start reaping from your blog as soon as you launch it into orbit.

4. There are over 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Billion) websites on the blogosphere.
So you’re in for a very big competition.

5. Choose a particular style.
You must define what your site is designed for.

6. You cannot just be making money because people are visiting your site.
Else, everyone would have become a blogger on earth.

7. As a site ages, so the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets better.
Only if people are really visiting the site for its quality contents.

8. You spend to get traffic.
If you really want quality traffic on your website, then be ready to spend time, energy and to crown it all good amount of money on monthly basis.

9. Your site is your brand.
Take your precious time to build it.

10. Lower your customers subscription(s).
Don’t forget to appreciate your most active contributors from time to time too.

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