[World’s Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (stanza 2804 – 2806) By Godwin Inyang

[World’s Longest Poem]

Dr Fixit

(stanza 2804 – 2806)


Godwin Inyang

‘Has anyone seen even
The smallest sign pinned
To the sod around
Any grave, saying:
‘In loving memory
Of a diehard cynic,
The impossibility thinkers,
The men and women that
Harboured the pull-down
Syndrome throughout history?’
I’m hearing a resounding ‘No!’
From the lips of members of
The elite corps. ‘And so in
This godforsaken place,
What have we all learned –
To give our very best to
Every cause we believe in
Or die in misery?’
I look at every troops face.

‘Give our best!’ is the answer
Echoing round the cemetery.
‘Give our best to positive dreams,’
I announce correctly
To the elite corps. ‘With our
Very best, we’re sure of
A prominent place in
The universal library
For all eternity.’
Then I wheel round; we head out
Of the cemetery, going
Back the way we came
And cross the empty street.
We head off to radio house,
To counter every opposition
To keep away from the jungle
The trampling human feet.


We stride into the street
That’d take us to radio house, passing
The tree-lined premises of
Ministry of Agriculture:
We wish all humans are
Paying heed to these people,
Raising good breeds of animals
And plants – a good posture –
And the use of small
Land spaces is maximized
And every human would imbibe
The tree-planting culture.
We’re here in human city
To reach every human home;
Let them hear the benefits of
A pollutant-free and green globe
Now and in the future.

Hear the Poet:
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