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Nothing gets me excited like when a glass of juice is at the table and good music is booming from my sound system or probably my phone and a website review is on my table. The feeling is like that of a young man before a n*ked woman who is ready to dance the conjugal dance in a well airconditioned room. A lady once asked me “SIR A-ONE, hope you will not land yourself in court for this your so-called website reviews?”
My response to her. “Dear, the only thing any website owner should be bothered about in my review is just the ‘estimate of the website(s) and its daily income. Which are sometimes too low or a bit high. Nevertheless, I have good source to back up everything.”
Is a plus for SIR A-ONE under the umbrella of Pengician Multimedia Concept to review your website.”

List of some websites reviewed worldwide by “Pengician Multimedia Concept” in the recent past:

The Free Encyclopedia (wikipedia.org) has a domain authority of 100 on 100.

It has:
Daily Pageviews of 1,363,127,080
With Daily unique visitors of 170,390,885.

Wikipedia is 1 decade 6 years of age.

It was launched 2001-12-13.
Registrar: WHOIS Server.
Site owner: Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

At 1pm 02.06.2017
It has 1,304,444 incoming links.

It has an estimated net worth of $1,472,177,160

It is ranked number 6 of world’s most visited websites.

Traffic by countries:
United States: 21%
Japan: 7%
India: 6%
China: 5%
Germany: 5%.
Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation , a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects.
Other projects of Wikipedia:
Freely usable photos & more
Free travel guide
Free dictionary
Free textbooks
Free news source
Free knowledge base
Free course materials
Free quote compendium
Free & open wiki application
Free library
Free species directory
Community coordination & documentation.

Wikipedia has 5,392,000+ articles in English.

Merits of the site:
If you’re on the site, it means you’re a popular icon on earth.
Pagespeed: 88 on 100.

Demerits of the site:
It is not easy to be on the site.
DMOZ Listing: No.

A fantastic website.

Review by:

Pengician Multimedia Concept +2348063562857.

Feel free to contact us Pengician Multimedia Concept to review your website anytime, any day.

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