Time may rev as he sees fit
Everything that was and that be may fade away
Right there into the deep dark aught
In which yesterday grows
Your impacts have won we, we’d wear you long robes
Of diverse colours before Irra town’s
Mouth munch you up
Having seized your brilliant bounces
From bringing us eternal joy
Branding the faces of our opponents with your lashing ploy
The win’s you won for us
Our children’s children’s children will still tell about, thus
The ways your shot tore the net
Apart from that, is your drizzling dribblings
Skills Whites got, you, watered to jot
As you had us our first score
The passion you put up when we’d lose and pulled us through
With your driving force
The ways you paced with the ball long apart from your thundering feet
The ways you made acrosses, as long as you be as we… beat
You pulled us further till we finally made meet;
Any man not born under your burning sun’s lost it
Any Nigerian who jeered you for imperfection’s caused it
Depression drugged in
Friendly faces out, hid in
Streets’ clay soils — home props dissed the
Bringer of harp into the somber mo of all, the senor stomper
Began and stoop and sold bòòlì (roasted plantain) to make a living
After winning
Us the cup singlehandedly aye… ɟɟu turned their big bad back at you, smirking
O, you wicked soil bearing us, Yekini suffered and you let it!
He taunted on you on you he trod and paced fast and dashed and scored
On you he smiled among mates on pitches but for them all to ignore him in bed
Died lone lean to bone
By the sickly dung that smelt so goodly bad
Peacocks surrounded him only. And that is sad
The highest scorer who hid from the media’s cookery eyes so
The harp maker who’s agonising years
Shattered his superstar tag by its burning pierce
Prolific player who answered nature’s calls by the roadside
We will not forget… even if we forget, Yekini
Would only forget you suffered so good till you grew tiny
We would forget you had no joy
We would forget they jeered you even though mistake’s common to all
We will not forget your impacts, if we have to forget
We will forget forgetting we will not tell our children of you, you get?
Listen up please, our hero
Lie on there right in the heart of joy breathing on in the bliss
Away from us, this world of war and bouncing boundless worries
Rest on warrior, like the Lion of Judah
Roar on as you sopor relaxed in the soul and in the spirit: goal
Dribble them all in the Paradise — as it is on earth so it is in heaven
Collect the ball as they have it and push it forwards to their haven
There, score and make them even more melodious as they skank props
Singing angelic rights right in the heaven
Goal goal jubilating shrieks like Shrek and shake the earth like your dangling soccer ball
You the soccerer, scorer score and tumble on heaven’s foamy grounds and make the earth feel your thudding impacts
Rest on our worrior
Rest on Nigeria’s highest goal scorer
Rest on as judgement should vindicate your passages
Rest on as this piece shall be reeled again and again for ages
Rest on the only true son of Irra of Kwara
Rest on, the evergreen soccerer, superstar.

© Jodekss Gloatkenf

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