Maitre Jammy:
Let’s weave the words, chum

Jodekss Gloatkenf:

Maitre Jammy:
You go first?

Jodekss Gloatkenf:

We would wear well white words with well wicked ones, with lighting light literature let’s light
Let’s let light this comely common room for comments, versified
Come calmly close, closer, closest, cruise ’round round with my mighty light might making mighty minted words being vilified.

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Oya na…

Maitre Jammy:
Where are my torn treads
That weave baskets of golden casket
And Poetry in yummy shreds
And make kinsmen dance as ballet
Oh Wording! Where have you hidden
The muse that held Marduk’s garden
Rest here, so arresting if you hear
On my poetic robe, just rob my fear

Maitre Jammy:
We heard here that they were near
Sipped we, every morsel of fear
When the wiser swimmer was carried away by rivulet
And the cleverest were not oblivious of Poesies of basket

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Best of the beast of/with the West… well… long robes painted black and crimson colour painted you you yaw and thus you be bad but cuss
Come with gories, no.. Give me Beastie muse more to these light lights as I baring to blow aright off cause
Fine furnaced into furnaces, with raining paintings pasted like the drops of the splashdown splashes of the sea tides
To compare with some clay kind of soil soiled, done obliquely pretty by their facing sides
Beautous, the seventh, eighth, ninth wonders of the paradise awaiting the goods amongst us
North as there, they are parasites without symbiosis recourse but to cripple, cut curtly cute cuddlings in their bus
Move moving making many more merry manning moaning maze to straighten up
Give up on me yet my merry belle of lighted towards me. Be my better babe by being giving me choices not less than one… oddly drop?

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Alright… let me shower you with the least of my worst and make you run
And these… in their lots in the ends shall be reeled in ages to be born for fun
As Jammy the giant and Jodekss the ‘badder’ be the barber breaking heads with symbolic resources in ways core
A projecting, pro… as to… whilst when we would, we could, or to say could term way back then on the chatty room
To the reality as to the opening of the back cover of the same and zoom
And saw to the angst to make meet to depart would mean the best resort
Be not that I would be for ever even after my popping the cog and burrowed by the the bards lying betwixt the basis of us as burrowers doing me back into clay would me go contort…

Maitre Jammy:
So lengthy like reapers’ rope
But worthily weightless as wind
Oh, I would slaughter the kola with hope
I thought I was taught how to grind
Not knowing there are stones better than pebbles
And something sweeter than sweetness
Even if all around the ground is marbles
My woven oeuvre would stand nought on fence
But written in golden like that of Scripture
And dress with beauty as fingernails in miniature

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
God is light
I will be right
He is right
I’m sure right
It is not fight
It is for fun fight
It is for good in all
As it’s lives in hall
One doesn’t really work
Two, beyond makes fork
We work in twos
In one’s I defuse
Can’t you see?
You see…
Beautiful beauties come from two
One Adam alone’d fetch him blue.

Maitre Jammy:
Seven heavens just be even in this
Good men with brains witness without hiss
I have promised to land more tears in the sea
As a good landlord would to take his hamlet’s fee
Grin to my tussle with this brainy god
Who wipes me more lashes of rod
More than the feathery ones I do
But I am stronger than his strengthened hue
Even if he ties two tyres on his ink
I shall reshape him, methink

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Competition be not my thing, thus down the drain
Oh God you are my strenght, make it rain
Make me rein as vipers in their verified verities need to chop me like chips
Revolver to a back flipping skill be a waste… as your shrieks make me sips
Good kind of goods like coke carrying cute kind of mince pie in my hands
And typing through, truly dealt gently cutely amongst lousy bands
Beating butting beats about as you do, making two. Zillions of you nosedive to half
As I remain light and cool like that sharp and fluffy kitty or calf…

Maitre Jammy:
Why would I take my bike
The warfront is not a hike Jodekss says we are two
No bard is that and me too
I am a world and rowdy words
Wisdom trafficks in me as sheathes do swords
So rocky, so armoury with enough enoughness
My muse has never for sleep on sickness
So write and bring nigh your ditty
And tell and show how much you dwell in Poetry city

Maitre Jammy:
I smile at my smelly teeth
And grin at your shiny sheath
Drumming the head of your bottle
Or sipping truly the said water-bottle
Your words are as virgin as yellow
Poets never lie not even on tomorrow
Just ask that bloke with white head
When we met and what I said
About those whose truths hide behind lie
And memory of misery haunts their why

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Now I am walking down to my department to check
Lest there are lie their on the board some authoritarian pastings on deck
To be, means to respect the center leat you catch yaw
But as I stride typing so lightly I wonder why your
Elements bear shoulder-high to tease me you are shagging me in my anus
Feel me and lick my shit… Shit… you just licked my shit boss
Don’t do that I have got puss
Fore your yawy forefinger to finger, go finger your very fine flat skirts when on monthly lose
Therefore, I am at the departmental lobby ant there are none of us.

Maitre Jammy:
The meat is minced that is the why for its smoking
Just as those who lack mothering as a Northern suckling
Ever I dress subjects as food/ So easy as it is to walk Ekun to its hood
Just strong like the mountain of Gibraltar
If you have any theme, bring down, I shall scatter

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
No theme but yes treat the theme
Roll on showing off your glimmering teeth like G guys golden cars la Mississippi’s rim
Cook your motif hot and munch it as cold like the dirty dog’s nose’s
As cold as as the freezing arms that cuddle from the Southern pole as it blows
Blouses not done well lose like the flags flying fine high like the imagery you would fancy in stadia
When warriors lie on the playing or performing stage to say just one word — pay, per par
As they thrust over and come back by the pushings of the arms of aero
Then they kick start to win naught in your favour as you end up in zero…

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Where lies that bard boy
I am sure you are some steel who wouldn’t wanna go coy
Or have you died of my phatansy ploy?
No…? Come out of there and pour me words like from Troy.

Maitre Jammy:
Showing off like the roof of tortoise
Who once claimed he was greatest man
And ready to lay any tricky tease
The night before the day, he met Ann
Very wise not as wiser than Wisdom
Tortoise told Ann he was the best
Among every soul in Gomorrah and Sodom
‘Nay’, Ann said with heated vest
Yours is a wink to that of Snail The small sagacious who was born with wits
Tortoise said, ‘that Muppet that lives in a grassy mile’
Just little away from duncedom and its grits

Maitre Jammy:
Please, ease your wiseness I am on a fairytale
Of how Tortoise sold its horn and tail

Jodekss Gloatkenf:
Even toitoise has you have called, nothing is certain
Even the snail as you have worshipped, nothing is certain
Even the tortoise as you have called it has its own flaws on the floor
Even the snail as you have worshipped it, has its own flaw on the same floor
Even the toitoise which you have given for quintessence shall not be wise enough and climb the hilly pace of its maker
Even the snail as for the same floor shall only suffer much more lose with its slime as she slows it on on thorny floor
O my o my o man, my goodness, choose your rebutals well lest you lose your last case!
As it be better to put it through the bulbous eyes of a needle as it comes in into what’s seen as a blurry-less case…

The end of a thing is the beginning of another…

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