The six coloured acts of creativity are also called the six thinking acts. They are required by an individual to be creative, innovative, and strategic.

Creativity is actually a step in developing the self esteem within. Imagine you being the one who brought into existence the use of aeroplane.
Each time it zooms off, you gain the self esteem, the pride, the belief in your capability to make a difference the more.

But you would be surprised if I tell you that there are these six specially made colours that represent the acts of creativity.

Do you know what those colours are?


Well, below will be stated the six coloured acts/ the six thinking acts that enhances strategic thinking and the ways through which they encourage creativity.

According to Edward Debono, the six coloured acts are:

– White Acts.

– Red Acts.

– Yellow Acts.

– Black Acts

– Green Acts.

– Blue Acts.

White Acts: Just as the colour looks, white symbolizes purity, undiluted information, facts and figures which you need to progress in life.

Looking at the phase of life, the difference you want to make by getting your hands on a project.

You need the white acts which means information, facts about what you want to work your hands on.

You can’t just venture into a handicraft without first getting to know how it is done.
Even if you have to do yours in a very unique way, you have to atleast find information about who did theirs, how they market them etc before you devise your own strategy.

Red Acts: Red Acts represents an emotional act that concentrates on an individual’s emotional disposition or reaction to issues of life. It is normal to have the emotion or a kind of reaction to something but do not allow your emotion to get in the way of your works.

Just like an employer would be enjoined to have the empathy if he wants progresses in his workplace, so do you have to possess the empathy to deal with those around you as this will give room for critical and intense observation of something.

– Yellow Acts: In the three C models of decision making, the last C represents the Consequences. This is in the case of creativity too.
The consequences needs to be known whether good or bad of which if good, the yellow acts has actually been used.

The yellow acts symbolizes brightness, benefits, advantages that can be derived from what you create.
The advantages derived from a product shows the action of the yellow acts.

Black Acts: Just like the yellow acts symbolise advantages, logical positivism, so does Black act symbolise the opposite. It symbolises the logical negativism.
It is often called devil’s advocate because it focuses on the disadvantages and demerits. It simply shows why things will not work out.

Green Act: There is this green part on the Nigerian flag which symbolises agriculture, vegetation, fertilization.
Green Acts symbolise life, renewal and alternative way of doing things. It shows vegetation, fertilization. Consider a situation where you are to create something using a method but the method seems not to be working out.
You putting in place the green acts shows that you use devise and alternative way of
doing it.

– Blue Acts: The act which controls all other acts is the blue act.
It denotes the overview act.
It helps in making an overview of things before drawing conclusion from it.
This blue act is used by leaders in a group or used by individuals for making conclusion.

Theses six thinking acts will sure definitely be a step to success through creativity, innovation if they are put into action.
Be sure to take considerate action on these acts.

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