Parent to Child Relationship

After months of leaving my family, I am back to atleast spend some time with them.
The fresh feeling rushing through th memory, the thick family blood flowing through the arteries and veins.
The electric fan blowing air and every spirit of inspiration brushing gently through the brain.

This is how I feel being back with loved ones (family).

Most families these days are hot like hell! Individualism is being practised in there. The parents are not concerned with what their offsprings do or eat.
It is deppressive.
This often make the children, youths of such families to be led astray as they are being influenced by peer groups.
The bond in families are one which must not be broken; they get weakened but can still be recharged and strengthened.

Divorced families/broken homes are very much in view in recent times; the mother leaving the family all in the name of luxuries; the father leaving the home because of luxuries, inability to take care of the family, adultery, lust and many more. These have left the single parent in a state of dilemma thereby transferring the anger on the children most especially when the kids got step-parent.

Parents having clashes/conflicts with their sons and daughters and not being able to settle the misunderstanding amicably.

Things like these have actually broken the relationship between members of families as everyone have to find a means of survival.

It is said that ‘the first and ever best friend a child has is the mum’, he got to interact with her, speak of the inconveniences being experienced and all but think of the family of such broken cord, the child feels desolate, lonely since there is no one to speak to in hard times, no trusted one to seek advice from.
Every individual have to carry his luggage(carry out activities) by himself.

These have actually killed the creativity of most youths/ children; it has made them feel downcast, downgraded and lose the self esteem. These sects feel isolated when among friends of pleasurable families.
They tend to be violent, get advice from outside; since the greatest and ever best counsellor is out of reach.

Think of the situation of a female teenager who just attained the puberty stage; the signs of puberty(menstruation, breast development etc) popping up; but got a non-free relationship with the parents; most especially the mum.

Tell me, how is she going to manage the odds?
How will she cope with the circumstances/ challenges accompanying the puberty stage.
Definitely, she will have to listen to advices from both responsible and irresponsible peeps.

A sure guarantee of listening to the irresponsible ones as their advices tend to be some kind of fun and enjoyment.

The teenager; not being able to change the mind when no motivator stays around will have to resort into different kinds of social vices.

Prostitution at a go!

Multiple sexual partners at its peak!

Multiple casual partners etc.

The future of our dear country being ruined!

This is a thing of grief as parents are urged to maintain a mutual and friendly relationship between them and their kids, in order to prevent them from being led astray.
They feel deserted, isolated and downcast when a weak or broken cord exist between them and their parents. They need to be given the utmost and sincere attention.

It is their future that are at stake and for them to have greater challenges being added to the ones they are to experience when going up there; the path to failure will surely be at hand.

To the youths who fall in these situations, who have been a product of broken homes, individualistic family lifestyle; it isn’t easy trying to smoothen your path when several unseen ropes are tying you down, but still; remember advices are meant to be gathered into a sieve where you have to separate the sift from the chaff.
So, take advices from respectable and responsible mentors who will sure be an accountability partner.

Remember you and your success can actually repair the broken cord.
You can strengthen a weakened family relationship.


(The downfall of the family leads to the downfall of others while the rise and success of the family setting definitely brings forth a prosperous child, society, nation and the world at large).

Strengthen the parent-child relationship!

(c) 2017
The Personal Development Empress

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