The sun sang a love song in Spanish that sunlit summer I met your dad.
Those days, ladies walked with their legs closed until they met their husbands.
You were pronounced “pure” if those succulent moons on your chest stood firm.
You will be called a saint if you knew nothing about sex.

Your dad was just becoming a man when I met him.
My father won’t call you a man until trees grow on your bushy chest.
Your dad words were entrancing, it can make a fish want to swim in steaming oil.
I gave him my heart, the day he said I will forever be a virgin,
If I read the book written when people make love.

My daughter, virginity is a virtue you must value.
The foundation for marital trust.
But, don’t think that all the journey takes.
You need more than a piece-of-flesh to build a lasting home.

Pen drops………………….curtain falls.
One minute silence for the foolish virgin who will soon be a happy divorce.

Apostle peter said to you faith add virtue, knowledge, temperance…….
To your virginity add common sense – wisdom.
Remember Folake, thieves broke into the garden between her thighs.
Like her, many a lady is victim of circumstance,
Not everyone threw theirs away cheaply.

Know the difference between real virgins and technical ones.
You can commit sexual acts without intercourse.
You don’t have to dig a hole in that bloody soil before you get defiled
Many are running to hell thinking they are dancing at the gate of heaven.

In marriage, faithfulness to your partner is the synonym for virginity.
What kept me pure before marriage is keeping me purer after it.
Your dad took the emblem the first night we meet,
But that inner virtue – virginity, is still intact.

Daughter, I am still a virgin.

© 2017 P_PEN
Adeniyi Adekunle also known as P-PEN is a poet and story writer. He has been writing for over 2 years. He enjoys reading thrillers. His writings focus on writing infusing the unreal with reality. He believes literature should instruct, educate and entertain.

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