Avoid a void. That has no fact
Makes every man
Be it frosh, just outside it’s/its mother’s can
Or erudite as Wolé Sóyinká, literary ‘SAN’
Has the ground for galaxies to grow
Please, has it be serene as you are
Now, not everything every time you’d yes know
Your head’s reeked up with fat books; how far!
How much have you made with those books?
You think he cannot think isn’t that what you think as you think? —
“A shady hook can never catch six
Fishes in brooks, thus no fish for feed as shade won’t sink” —
For him ba? But as you think he thinks too he can think and thinks to yell
Concrete evidence wear minted money that way
As eni tó mòwé lo way
As creativity is equal to intellect to me to be gallant
You think you are brilliant, you reeking like rotten meat n’ still arrogant
Learn from ants as they can burrow your stored books
Ant cannot read nor speech but articulate as they cross brooks
Lifting good foods for their queen to bear
Of all the books you gallery, but you, you cannot share.

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