Mm…! Mm…? Mmm…
Rustic home
Tattered huts for houses
One woman
thirty-three thousand husbands
One child
A son
Or the other one has
a daughter
Caught twixt bad times, in the
Corrupting community
Where hopes has had
Hard fate of
choking arms
Raised from burning steel
On innocent souls

Mmm… Mmm…?! Mm!
Parlour beer
Parks of animals with
Goatish beards
Sluttish breasts and
Leader’s her taxes to cut
As the roosters rule
A son
Another daughter
Aiming to make cities
Of queens
Of Kings
Princes and princesses from
Arid grounds
Grounds of disgusts
Where time has lost guts
There are lives
Confused so… and surviving though
In kilter
As their angst be buried
Right, beneath
Beneath their smiling mouths
And painted faces
Burrowed and plait of hunger.
Thirsty minds
Walking on broken spines
Broken bottles
Bigi Bottles they borrowed
To lick
Poor meals
No schools
No good teachers to lead
No money to pay the bead
Leaders are leading astray
A son
Another daughter follow go
In so
Prime as a son aims to grow
As pastoric factors show
Cut aim
Deconstructs objectives too
Dearth becomes joy
Before another’s blink
Death comes in to lick
With his coarse tongue through sick…

As we
In the society
Brown iron sheets be
Golden and colourful ones be
People suffer
Who wants to suffer?
When choices
Come down to one
To survive
Life picks up on people
to strive
To tussle with whatever
With their bodies
To feed their babies
Beg or smashing of virtue
Just to eat
Who doesn’t care for meat?
To buy one
To make a meet
Then their laps
Must be separated on
For few thousands so
And most painfully
These pains fully
As they were
They are
And shall really…

Who would help helpless souls?
Eyes rest in pepper
Hands tucked in boiling dirt
Chest in fain virtues
Heads in gutters’ waters
Bodies under failing rafters
Women without future
As the prince to be
Death has taken with shudder
Show mercy
These binary operations
Are sorrows in the mind
Make to weep well in the heart
Not tears now but bloods dripping down in the heart
Heal the heart
Heal the earth I beg as
In ah… ah…! Let there be hope for the Barigas.

© Jodekss


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