[World’s Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 2777 – 2779) By Godwin Inyang

[World’s Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 2777 – 2779) By Godwin Inyang

Of course, someone would get
Elected and someone would not
But the dangerous weapons
Would never return;
The winning team may or may not
Keep working together
But the losers are bent
To see their opponents burn.
It’s the situation most towns
And cities are in now –
Right before us we’re
Witnessing a vendetta.
These youths came looking for
An opponent to kill but
He escaped so they turned their weapons
To destroy his parents’ villa.
Now the question is: where are
Humans heading to where
Humans have stopped thinking twice;
Won’t ask themselves: in taking
This action what would be
The reaction – either I buy
Or sell, what’s the price?
If I kill someone, won’t I
Prompt someone else to kill me?
If I destroy another
Person’s home, how safe is mine?
You see, if every human resorts
To thinking me, myself and I;
Then human civilization
Is merely muck and grime!
An old pensioner with
His retired wife spent all
Their lives’ savings to have
A roof over their heads
And the child does what
His peers are doing but
Escapes and you go targeting
The helpless parents – then,
This cult thing gives me the dreads!
You know why? Cause anyone
Having the idea that him
And his cult would go round
Maiming and killing others
While they watch helplessly
Is plain stupid and his thoughts
Are balderdash – can’t someone
See a cycle of murders
And reprisal murders?


© Godwin Inyang

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