Widestforum.com membership reaches 33,443

Widestforum.com membership reaches 33,443

Wednesday, 31st May, 2017
The CEO of
widestforum.com , SIR A-ONE who is equally the CEO of
has announced the speedy membership of the world’s largest forum (widestforum.com ) at 05.06p.m

“Widestforum.com membership reaches 33,443”


Below is a statistics of the forum at 05.06a.m, Wednesday, 31st May, 2017
The site statistics @ 05.06am 31.05.2017
Forum Stats:
627 Posts
in 443 Topics
by 33,443 Members

We are equally doing well in Global Ranking.
We are not in a competition with any forum or website. It is just the grace of God we are moving this fast.

Maintaining a Forum is not as easy as maintaining an ordinary website.

Irrelevant posts had to be deleted/removed by Moderators, Administrators etc to keep it pleasant to viewers.

Stubborn members had to be ban etc
When you see what is not pleasant, report it using the report button.

We cannot be everywhere at every point in time, help report posts that go contrary…

Content monitors are being hired slow and steady to checkmate the activities of members. For more details, check
“Widestforum General Discussion” on widestforum.com

If there is any post that is against the rule of natural justice, equity and good conscience, we will definitely remove/delete it from the forum. Just give us time.

Soonest, list of BANNED members would be included in the Site Stats.
In less than 2 months and 2 weeks of the forum going into orbit, it has increased in all areas and facets.

You can register free of charge and be making all your UPLOADS and
POSTS free of charge!
“The site is still undergoing addition of many features. Stay glued while we advance together blogmatically and otherwise.”
The CEO noted.

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