[Website Review] Nairaland.com: Review by Pengician Multimedia Concept

[Website Review] Nairaland.com:



Pengician Multimedia Concept

We have reviewed from small to mighty websites on the blogosphere.

Today’s review is on

Nairaland is like the Wikipedia of Nigeria blogosphere.

It has 3,566,171 members at 05.07pm 30.05.2017.

The above website was launched on March 8, 2005. Which automatically clocked the site 1 decade 2 months of age.

Its global rank is:
1,132 (23).
While Nigeria rank is:

Site type:
All registered members can interact in an atmosphere of creativity.

Site networth:
The site (nairaland.com) has an estimated networth of:
While its daily income is:
$7,244.00 aside the cool cash from advert spaces in all sections.

It is a very popular site in the world and Nigeria at large.

Site social Networks like: 23,000.
Incoming links: 3,739

Daily page views: 7,244,256
Daily unique visitors: 905,532 (392,347).

Rank in countries:
United States: 5%
India 3.%
United Kingdom: 2%
South Africa: 1%
Nigeria: 74%.

Site owner: Oluwaseun Osewa
Nationality: Nigerian.
Site Registrar: Domainsite, Inc.

Merits of the site:
All registered members can make posts and uploads by themselves.
Pagespeed: 93 on 100.
Domain Authority: 53 on 100.
It has given voice to those who felt they can never be published icons in the journey of life.

Demerits of the site:
Most members are plagiarists.
WOT: Unsatisfactory.
WOT privacy: Unsatisfactory.
WOT Child: Unsatisfactory.

It is a fabulous website. A very big, broad discussion forum for mainly Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including: Politics , Crime ,
Romance, Jobs/Vacancies , Career,
Business , Investment , NYSC, Education ,
Autos , Car Talk, Properties , Health ,
Travel , Family , Culture , Religion, Food ,
Diaries , Nairaland Ads , Pets, Agriculture
Entertainment: Jokes Etc , TV/Movies ,
Music/Radio , Celebrities , Fashion,
Events, Sports , Gaming , Forum Games,
Science/Technology : Programming ,
Webmasters , Computers , Phones , Art, Graphics & Video , Technology Market.
Most persons get to know of the most recent happenings around the globe on nairaland even before others go scooping.

Review by:
Pengician Multimedia Concept: +2348063562857.

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