[Short Story] Nonsense by Chukwu John David



Chukwu John David


At exactly about 3:45pm, everywhere became windy. The cloud gathered together and planned to send down heavy rain to wash away the dust that clothed the earth after the harmattan. Chibuzo was overwhelmed. He thought the day had already gone down due to the darkness that slowly blinded the earth. He scurried through Nkaliki Road to Nteje Street. He had wanted to run home when it started to rain cat and dog.

Before now, something happened. Bad news was heard that the wind which blew had stolen Nwanyi Nanka’s umbrella where she used it to sell bread at the nearby Spera In-Deo junction. This was somewhat irritating. Nwanyi Nanka did not find it funny, but she was happy she could protect her loafs of bread with the second of her umbrella which she had always preserved.

Chibuzo loved the rain. This was for the reason that numerous times, water had saved his life. He always said that he loved water more than his very own mother who gave birth to him after nine and half months. This was strong enough for people not to believe.
The rain started when the bingo started barking and chasing after a black hen that ran for its precious life. Chibuzo was amazed by the way the dog barked, it barked without strength. Now and again Chibuzo was soaked in the rain. His clothes cried tears. A tricycle had drove pass him and splattered dirty water on him. This and that annoyed him, but not until he was bitten to death by the green snake of the Okposi clan that smuggled his life out of him. Chibuzo had just woken from sleep. He had realized that this was a nonsense story, it was a fallacy. This was a story that would never come to pass, for it was totally nonsense and had no connotation. You were just cheated.

Chukwu John David is an author from Abakaliki town, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

He is the author of African Dark Light and It Came From The West.

He writes for Inner Child Press Ltd, USA; Idriss Publishing House, UK; John Publishing House, Nigeria. He has been featured across many platforms including Times of Swaziland Newspaper, Blueprint Newspaper, Maryjane.live, and Penkraft. He has written for Episteme Journal, Prose & Poetry Hood, Tuck Magazine, Pengician, Storried, CWAN, Widestforum, and etc. His works have been translated to Russian and Georgian languages and have gained world reputations.


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