Nothing to say about Nigeria

“I really don’t know what say about my country, Nigeria jo, everything has a say for theirself and it has only the notion of corruption many tongues as they have taught us multilingualism.”

“Okay, imagine a situation of an independent state like mine where President then say corruption no be sin.”

“Imagine bro, one day, I was at the vendor to read headlines because the level of poor circulation of money don reach ma side so I could not afford to pay to read and the papers and leave. One of them alagbada people released another shameful quote, if you are not a robber you cannot rule Nigeria. Imagine nonsense.”

“Quote they have meant bears eternal truth isn’t it… uh. Na so na. Since my birthday, and even before my father’s birthday, they have been telling and telling and reminding we that ‘the youth are the leaders of tomorrow’; of cause it is true with us, because no youth ever lead till today and tomorrow is sure not sure as they have started pasting posters again ish.”

“There is France ehn… someone of ma namesake Mm, Emmanuel, not up to 40 years of age, the fam don become the President now. Tell me, can Buhari type fast as I fit type fast on a touch screen phone. Rubbish!”

“One link told that it was my good mindset toward everything that killed me in ma past life. Fine. I go continue even in the life after. Kill me again I go live again jo.”

“No mind them jare. Baes think say na fine boy they do am. Thank God I am not fine and I am not ugly. I am just scared for them because I love them as foundation powder will not be able to hold up their relaxed breasts when they marry someone who is fine and irresponsible in the brain. Some even marry some guys because they have big sticks in their boxers. May God help me and help you too, ish.”

“Useless. You are useless, at the age of 18+ you don’t know how to reason for yourself on some personal matters. You still call daddy –daddy, one boy says he loves me, what should I tell him daddy! My dear bae, your head is not complete. I cannot date you. I cannot even allow my dog look at you to avoid it falling for your flesh cos you no get brain at all sincerely speaking na.”

“Alright. It is going to be alright. God says you should not worry of what tomorrow holds right? Stay there, in this economy where even workers beg to get fed, you are expecting miracle of manna and quails. My dear friend, you will only reap what you have sown. If you no work, ko le work!”

© Jodekss Gloatkenf

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