The terriffic prolific writer and blogger, Al Akhigbe took to Facebook to unleash his experience with Scam-Pastors 


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She was a mother with three beautiful daughters. So beautiful that I used to wonder, each time they come visiting, how God could make some people so perfectly beautiful. I never really met the husband as he seldom come with them to the village on such occasions. She had no male child to the mix but she had everything in these Charlie’s Angels. And she did all she could to send them to school, even when a lot of people were still skeptical about female education.
Despite the importance tradition had for male children, there was no warrant for stigmatization because the daughters, especially the first one, got married to successful men. They were well brought up and educated and were beautiful. No reason to fail and they did not.
My elder brother once visited the one in Lagos on holiday. Come and see all the goodies and hear all the stories of how the rich lived, you’ll agree they were out of our world. Their house, among others, was in the high-brow Mende, Maryland. The mansion occupied a large expanse of land that you can spend a whole week there and not see the owners. Their companies were doing very well. They were the richest among the trio.
Suddenly, for some reasons I didn’t understand, there was a turn-around. Embargo was placed on visitors from the in-laws. The youngest of the three sisters, Regina (not real name), whose husband decided to go for further studies, paid them a visit and was debarred from the house. There was no GSM then to call for help and she heard ween. She traveled back the following day, not knowing what hit her and why.
That was the beginning of the no love lost between the sisters.
Not long after, the Maryland based daughter, Cecilia (not real name), stormed the village with a wrecking crew. They dug up the four corners of the courtyard, poured holy water as they burn incense amid incantations. All the while, Cecilia was with her pastor in an air-conditioned car parked outside the premises. Not once did she step out of the car to console the mother who was wailing as the crew laid siege on her abode.
As for me, I left very disappointed. Not really because of what was going on. I didn’t understand. But because, there was no Lagos bread for me as the custom was. As I walked away, disappointed, the cry of the mother rang in my ears:
“Cecilia, when you were just a baby, defenseless, I didn’t kill you and use you for cooking; when you were abandoned for me by your father because you were all females, I was not hungry enough to have any of you as meal; when I toiled night and day to send you to school, I didn’t consider any of you edible then. Now that you’re all standing on your own and out of my reach, now that I’m old, I’ve suddenly become a witch that is too hungry for meat that I want to wreck you and have you for breakfast?
If what your pastor is accusing me of is true; if what you are subjecting me to today is true, may it be well with you. If not, may God hear my cry. Except there’s no God!”
The wrecking crew didn’t understand her language and continued as if she didn’t exist. It took the intervention of a few people who happened to have returned from farm that day to dislodge them. But, not before they have completed their mission.
That was when I learnt that Cecilia had joined a certain church owned by a certain prophetess Malaika (I can’t remember her full names now). She and her husband have sold all their belongings and sowed the proceeds to the prophetess. Business had died due to neglect, but the prophetess said the mother-in-law was the culprit and spear-headed the village invasion.
The mother never set her eyes on her daughter, Cecilia until she died a couple of years ago. Needless to say that Cecilia and family now lives in penury. Their house became a branch of the Malaika church.
Religion can make people vulnerable to the attacks by the workers of iniquity, while they claim to be fighting imaginary forces of darkness. I’ve seen it torn families apart, ruin their fortunes and render them completely senseless.


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