How To Make A Post In WidestForum and What to consider before making it

How To Make A Post In WidestForum and What to consider before making it

To make a post
Simply go to the section you want to make that post. And be very sure such a topic is for that particular section/category.

After making such a post, if it does not appear immediately, kindly click on that section/category and you will see the new topic you have created.
Same is applicable when a comment/reply/quote is made on a topic.

Before you can make a post in WidestForum, You must be a registered member. And not just a mere Visitor of the Forum.

1) Before making a post, it is expected that search you WidestForum to be sure that the post you want to make does not already exists. If your content already exists, consider making a different post, commenting on the existing post is a better option then.

2) Visit the section that you want to post about e.g. “News”, “Quotes”, “Entertainment”, “Crime”, “Health“, “Dating and Meet-Up Zone”, “Education” etc it is advisable you visit the HOME PAGE to see the full list of available sections.

3) Click the NewTopic
You are expected to read the rules guiding the use of that section.
After Clicking on NewTopic, the WidestForum Editor is displayed. Provide a heading for your content in the Subject textbox and provide the content of your post in the Message text box.

4. (Optional) Attach a file or Image to the file.

5. Click on the Submit Button.

6. After that, your Topic comes on board. Click it to make sure it appeared the way you want it or kindly Modify/Edit it to your taste.

7. (Optional) copy the Link of the published Topic and Share in other Social Network like: Facebook (Page/Group/Wall), Twitter, Tumbler, Digg, LinkedIn etc.

8. To avoid being BAN(NED), desist from vulgarity and anything that will necessitate you being ban in the Forum.

Unbehalf of the CEO and Team of WidestForum, We Welcome you once again.

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