Eguono Sagbodje organised Agbarha-Otor Inter Secondary Schools Urhobo Language Competition [in memory of Late Sen. Pius Akpor Ewherido]

Eguono Sagbodje organised Agbarha-Otor Inter Secondary Schools Urhobo Language Competition [in memory of Late Sen. Pius Akpor Ewherido]

Since the departure of the amiable senator representing the Delta central senatorial district from this planet, it seems the Urhobo language has been crumbling.

Urhobo Studies Association (USA), Urhobo Progress Union America (UPUA), Ukoko Re Emoto, Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) and others have been intensifying efforts in giving out scholarships to indigenes of Urhobo in order to promote the language and also to encouraged the speaking and writing of the language.

Eguono Sagbodje

has been added to the list of the icons who want the progress and advancement of the Urhobo language and culture.

Thursday, 25th May, 2017 is a day that will never be forgotten in a hurry. Eguono Sagbodje organised an Urhobo competition for secondary schools in Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
The venue was Agbarha-Otor town hall.
The event kicked start at 12 noon.

From the crack of dawn till the time of the event, it was as if the heavens were let loosed.
It rained cats and dogs as early as 6am till about 11.33a.m.

At a point in time, all hopes were almost lost. But the focus and determination pushed the chief organiser, Eguono Sagbodje to cleaned up the hall as early as 8.10a.m.

Where two or three Urhobos are gathered, music must be there.

Music played:

Okpan, Tekpe, Johnson Adjan, Nathaniel Oruma, Audley Atagana Eguono, Lucky Okwe, Barrister Oho, Ovedje, and other fantastic Urhobo musicians pierced people’s ears for good in a sweet manner they couldn’t help but shake their bodies to the rhythms.

Dj Cruz was on the wheels and steel. A young talented man who did the mix properly from the beginning of the program to the very ending.

Schools that were able to meet up with time and their representatives:

1. Ibru College:
Blessing Ogbodu
Emmanuel Okotie
Pius Epetuku

2. Pearview International School:
Jesutekevwe Achovwe
Destiny Achovwe
Oghenekevwe Aruoture
Oghenekparobo Edeki

3. Oghara secondary school:
Stephen Agofure
Emmanuel Orodivwame
Emmanuel Ofene

4. Fountain of Wisdom:
Blessing Idigu
Oghenefejiro Akpomedaye
Favour Izobo
Elizabeth Odibo

5. Omavwovwe secondary school:
Faith Odegbune
Okeoghene Felix
Rhoda Ighuhwuavwe
Oghereruona Onoji

6. Awhire secondary school:
Esther Edesi
Flora Ejakpomene
Jesse Ogheneovo
Happy Onovughakpo

7. Ujovwre Secondary school:
Blessing Erakpoweri
Oghenevwaire James.

Mc of the day:
FunnyBrain, Mc of the day cracked people’s ribs to an extent that some were shedding tears of joy.

The event commenced properly at 12.57pm when the erudite professor, Prof. Ibodje said the opening prayers.

Chief Professor S.W.E. Ibodje, the President General of Agbarha Improvement Union said a lot on the language. He emphasized on the importance of speaking of Urhobo especially in the home, he discouraged the speaking of pidgin English in the home.


Section A: [Senior and Junior] writing commenced at 01.12pm to 1.42pm while the other sessions quickly followed up.

Reading session:
Emphasis was on – Fluency, speed and understanding.

Writing session:
Emphasis was on – good grammatical constructions.

Oral questions session:
Emphasis was on correctness of answers.

Refreshment came up at 03.41pm.

At 03.26pm writing and reading sessions came to an end at 04.39pm

Result of the competition was announced at 04.39pm.

Final Result:

Fountain of Wisdom school took the first position. And Izobo Favour Erighe took them to this enviable limelight.

Omavovwe School took the second position. Odegbune Favour skyrocketed them to that position.

Edeki Oghenekparobo gave Pearlview School the 3rd position.

They were given plaques, Urhobo textbooks and cool cash that would pay off their school fees for more than two terms.

All participants were given one or two things for coming.

This being a maiden edition…
Just wondering how the 2nd edition would look like.

The judges were:

1. Akpobome Diffre-Odiete
A graduate of Languages and Linguistics from Delta State University, Abraka.
2. GOODNEWS Andrew ERUEMUARE also known as SIR A-ONE
A graduate of Languages and Linguistics from Delta State University, Abraka.
3. Ivan Tobore Obukohwo
An erudite scholar.

Other judges:

4. Arhiakpore Oghenebrorhie Collins

5. Omonuku Alfred Oghenenyerhovwo.


Eguono Sagbodje is truly a daughter of the soil who wants the advancement of the language.

“With programs like this in Delta State and beyond, the Urhobo language will never die.”
Everyone who attended the event were singing the same song.

Eguono Sagbodje

Brief biography of Eguono Sagbodje the chief organiser of the competition:
She was born April 19, 1988 in Agbarha. She attended Ogaga Oghene primary school Agbarha Otor, Girls Model Secondary school Evwreni. She got admitted to the University of Port Harcourt where she studied Microbiology. Thereafter she advanced to Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife where she bagged her masters in Environmental Control and Management in 2015.
She is an indigene of Ujovwre Agbarha Otor. She won the maiden national Urhobo language competition 2012, organized by late senator Pius Akpor Ewherido.


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Source: Pengician Multimedia Concept

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