Adeife Adebiyi weave lines for Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi

Adeife Adebiyi weave lines for Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi

Below is her recent Facebook post on the most talked about couple (in the making)
Dear Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi

You both are our latest darlings. We are still celebrating your engagement to each other like we did with Chris and Damilola Attoh. Everyone loves a love which is true and sincere and in which the lovers are super cute together.

Banky, I particularly love how you kept the relationship and engagement a secret till like almost three months later. You took some of us by surprise. However, some of us already knew something was going on from you both hosting top events together as well as the Newton’s Chemistry we saw when you both acted husband and wife in The Wedding Party.

Please take a Sisi’s advice. Don’t feed us with excessive details of your wedding and marital life. A private wedding will be more appropriate just like you have done with the engagement. In fact show us the marriage pictures or videos after several months have passed. Not everyone wishes your wedding or marriage well. More so, the less the better.

Also, when you begin to fight and have issues in your marriage which is bound to happen, please save us the information and updates. That is all several people need to amplify the issue in order to finally say ‘ We no talk am, we know say e no go last’?. I have so much faith in you guys considering the fact that you are best of friends and the sincere purity of your love melts my heart like Dami and Chris’ marriage did.

Banky, my perception of you changed after I read opinions of people who knew you and were close to you. I used to think you were the typical playboy material who would rather frolic around than settle down.

After all as a fine boy with fine skin, fine voice and killer swags, playboy should be your destiny . It doesn’t get better as several ladies have come forward in the past to say they saw you in their vision as their husband; therefore community playboy was stamped on that head of yours.

How wrong I was. You were saving yourself and bidding your time to meet ‘The One’. Despite all the ladies who have been dying since creation for you, none has come to say you impregnated her. No scandals of baby mama has trailed your personality which has increased my respect for you.

You just showed us how the game should be played; without messing around, straight into the goal post. You knew what you wanted, prayed for it, and was even willing to wait for it till it became rightfully yours.

You scattered the recent school of thought that propounded that it was a waste of time for a woman to keep a man who loves her waiting. We live in a world of fast food, fast love and fast engagement. Why keep him waiting when he wants you. A strange woman could come from nowhere to snatch him away while she dey there dey dull.

You were a good example to those guys who think they were God’s gift to women and hence should not be kept waiting for too long else they would be snatched away.

You showed that a man who really wants and loves a woman will wait for her enough to earn her friendship, love and trust. And with these core elements in place with God as Oga at the Top, the relationship and marriage is secure.

Banky, I know you are a very romantic man and will want the whole world to know how much you love your Susu but please don’t show us everything you are up to. Your trips and vacations round the world as well as every romantic serenades should be kept as private as much as possible.

Susu, when Banky and his head offends you, please humans of social media do not need to know. They do not have good plans for you. They will keep cheering and ‘yinmuing’ you on just for one reason. ‘we no talk am’?

Settle it with your husband alone. If it gets out of hand, invite his parents into the matter not even your friends. Many friends are not friends in the real sense. And please, do not ever let us hear of it. We are not all sane people on this Social media.

I love the man that you Banky W are and have become for your Susu. I believe so much and will always pray for this marriage. May every ‘olosho’ lurking somewhere in the corner become an aboki suya by fire.

I wish you heaven in your marriage. You both deserve it. God bless.

Sisi Mi
# TheSugarAnointing

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