15 Questions for Nnmadi Kanu [Radio Biafra Director] to Answer

15 Questions for Nnamdi Kanu [Radio Biafra Director] to Answer


1. How old were you when the civil war broke out?

2. Do you know what necessitated Ojukwu to embark on the Biafra call?

3. If Biafra emerge as a republic, do you think the Igbos would be free from the cage you feel Nigeria government has imprisoned them?

4. Why didn’t you join forces with Ojukwu properly before his demise?

5. Did you know that Ojukwu never engaged his family when the civil war was on?

6. How many members of your family have you engaged to sing the Biafra mantra along with you?

7. Give 5 cogent reasons you desperately want the Biafra republic?

8. Forget the ‘no victor, no vanguish’ anthem the then president sang. Did you know the total estimate of the deathfulness as a result of hunger strike and number of deaths recorded by Nigeria and the Igbos?

9. A tree cannot make a forest. How many number of trees (persons) are reciting this Biafra mantra with you?

10. Have you bothered to relate this Biafra song with any Late Ojukwu’s offspring, what was his/her response?

11. How many youths have you employed in Igboland?

12. How many persons have you sponsored their education thus far in Igboland?

13. Why do you choose to spearhead the Biafra agitation at this time?

14. Just like Nelson Mandela and others, do you consider yourself a freedom fighter, when all you’re after is the division of the most populous black nation on earth (Nigeria)?

15. You said ‘no unity in Nigeria’
is there ‘unity’ in Igboland?


N.B: The above is not meant for any abuse.
If and if anyone is offended, apologies.

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