Widestforum.com membership reaches 3,000


Widestforum.com membership reaches 3,000

Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

The CEO of widestforum.com, SIR A-ONE who is equally the CEO of pengician.com has announced the speedy membership of the world’s largest forum (widestforum.com) at 3.00PM.

“We are not in a competition with any forum or website. It is just the grace of God.”

In less than 1 month and 11 days of the forum going into orbit, it has increased in all areas and facets.

Below is a statistics of the forum at 3.00PM, Tuesday, 25th April, 2017


Forum Stats
2,864 Posts

in 2,808 Topics

by 3,001 Members.

2906 Posts in 2865 Topics by 3051 Members.


You can register free of charge and be making all your UPLOADS and POSTS free of charge!

“The site is still undergoing addition of many features. Stay glued while we advance together blogmatically and otherwise.”

The CEO noted.

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