Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John: The road to the consecration of a Bishop on 8th April, 2017

Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John: The road to the consecration of a Bishop on 8th April, 2017

Saturday 8th April, 2017
Inyishi town in Ikeduru local government area of Imo State, Nigeria
will witness the consecration of
➡ Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John.
Good evening, Sir.

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May I know you, man of God?
“I’m Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John.”
The consecration of Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John as a Bishop of the

African Church comes up Saturday, 8th April, 2017 at The

First African Church, Inyishi in Ikeduru LGA, IMO State.
Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John after his consecration on Saturday, 8th April, 2017 would now be known and addressed as His Lordship – The Revd
Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John.
The act or ceremony of consecrating a Bishop is one of the joyous moments in God’s vineyard.
It is not an easy task to rise to that position.
Some can be retired as ‘Venerable(s)’.
Being a venerable is not an automatic ticket to being a Bishop.


Are you happy being a worker in God’s house?
“If you are not happy in God’s house, you cannot be happy elsewhere in life”
Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John noted in an interview.
No one can just wake up one day and to choose whom to make a bishop(s). It is the prerogative of the general council and the college of Bishops. It involves serious deliberations before a bishop can be elected.

‘Bishops’ are consecrated to fill the vacant dioceses. Which means no vacant diocese, no consecration of a new bishop.
The venerable noted.
Deacon to Priest
➡ Priest to Canon
➡ Canon to Venerable
➡ Venerable to Bishop.
From the above, you would see that to become a Bishop is not an easy task.

“I have been a missionary to
Cross River, Taraba and other places.”
Venerable noted.


What has been the challenges so far?
“If you say there are no challenge(s), then you are playing on words (pun)…”
The Bishop in the making is really an experienced man of God.
What are the sole duties of a Bishop?
“So many duties are there for him.
1. To see to the physical and spiritual growth of the Church, especially the diocese where he works.

2. Organising crusades, seminars, revivals, seeing to the welfare of members, winning souls to God.
In the hierarchy, the bishop is under an ArchBishop. While all the ministers in the mission are under the Primate.”
What has been your worst moment so far since you came to this planet?
“When I lost my father.
He was critically ill in 2004. He was taken to the hospital. He was so okay and was discharged. Later the sickness bounced back and he left this planet January 7, 2005.”
What has been your best moments so far in Life?
“When I got married to my beautiful wife.
When I had my first son,
Godsgrant Osinamarachukwu Ben-John.
And come Saturday, 8th April, 2017 another happy moment will be added to my Life.”
No diocese, no Bishop. Which Diocese will you be heading after your consecration?
“Don’t rush over it.
Wait and see.”
God bless you sir for your time.


Full interview would be publish(ed) pretty soon on this website.

Stay glued.

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