The consecration of Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John (JP) paused all activities in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State

The consecration of Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John (JP) paused all activities in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State


It takes the federal and state governments to declare PUBLIC holidays in states. But the consecration of

Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John (JP) DECLARED a PUBLIC holiday in Ikeduru local government area of Imo State, Nigeria.

The weather was a bit clement.
At 10AM people were already trooping into the St. John’s Cathedral Inyishi, Ikeduru, Imo State for the event that has been scheduled for 11AM.


old and young were in a very dangerous competition to see who goes into the sanctuary first.

“Venerable is becoming a Bishop today!”
The anthem on everyone’s lip(s).

The naked palm trees in the church premises wore beautiful dresses for the occasion.

At 10.30AM, the Choir were already amplifying their voices with melodious tunes that catapulted people from this earthly realm into a spiritual atmosphere of holiness.

Young and old were putting on breath-taking wears.

At a point, the premise was thickly populated with very important personalities, like the inauguration of a United State president at the white house.

The sanctuary of the

First Anglican Church, Inyishi, Ikeduru LGA Imo State is as gigantic as mountain Everest. It stood in it usual place as it welcome guests from home and abroad, to the consecration of their son, Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John (JP) as a Bishop of the First African Church, Owerri Diocese.

The royal ambassadors were at the church premises as early as 9.13AM.

The men and women of the Owerri Diocese were as ready as an army set for battle, with their uniforms carefully glued to their bodies.


Venerable dropped the title at 3.39PM.

And he was consecrated a Bishop of the First African Church, Owerri Diocese at 3.40PM.

Before 11AM, several men and women of the Owerri Diocese had alighted from about 8 Buses, from various zones of the State (Imo).

As early as 10AM, unavoidable aroma was already slapping people in the hall. Intestines were preparing to savour the delicious meals for the day. The effective worms in the stomach were already singing ‘hallelujah’ to the glory of the mouth that will take it down below for them.

The date Saturday, 8th April, 2017 had always been on the lips of IMO State citizens (Imolites) in Nigeria.

Many felt the day has been expunged from the 2017 calendar.

Some felt the day will never come again.

“I felt today was never going to come. I have waited for this day over two months now. I’m glad to witness the consecration of Bishop Benjamin John. This is my first physical witnessing of a consecration of a Bishop since I came to this planet.”
A Guest who said she should stay anonymous noted.

“This is my 2nd Bishop consecration. The first I witnessed was at the PortHarcourt diocese of the Catholic church. Today is now the 2nd one being the one of the First Anglican Church (Owerri Diocese).
I’m very glad.”
SIR A-ONE noted.

From venerable Ben-John (JP) to His Lordship
Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John (JP) is not an easy task.


The exaltation [excerpt of what he (the man of God who preached) was voicing out of his holyghost filled soul:

“…It is only when your road is rough that you will be tough. The level of sacrifice as a Bishop is veey big. The road will not be all rosy. You must stay on the part of truth. Study to show yourself approve. Don’t wait for people to glorify you. No matter how honest, sacrificial etc you are, they must still gang up against you. Let only your work speak for you. No godfatherism. Only Jesus shall you look up to from now on. The good Lord has promised and he will never fail.”

The man of God noted.


At 2.45PM, St. Silas Cathedral of the Owerri diocese entertained the congregation and catapulted all to another atmosphere.


At 2.48PM, Consecration hymn came forth and everyone was happy to follow it line by line.


2.49PM, Bro. I.C. Nwachukwu-Asonye read the mandate to the honourable house.

10th September, 1891, the First African Church Mission was established with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.


Eye Opener:

Rt. Rev. O.A.A Ola Bishop was enthroned on 7th April 2017 (yesterday) at Emmanuel Cathedral Lorji Mbaise. While today, Saturday, 8th April, 2017 Bishop Elect Ven. Benjamin Ibe Ochiegbu (JP) was consecrated as a Bishop of the Owerri Diocese.

Tomorrow being Sunday, 9th April, 2017 he would be enthroned at same St. John’s Cathedral, Inyishi, Ikeduru LGA of Imo State. His Lordship will now preside over Owerri Diocese.


The mandate, affirmation and confirmation of his Lordship Benjamin Ibe Ochiegbu (JP) was signed by his Eminence, the most Rev. Sunday Oludare Matilukuro (JP) Primate of the First African Church Mission (FACM) world-wide and other principal men of God.


It has been the lord’s doing.

The First African Church Mission
Owerri Diocese took it as a personal duty to consecrate their pastor Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu (JP) as his Lordship Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu (JP) the Bishop of the First African Church Mission, Owerri Diocese.

Some principal officers for the consecration of Bishop Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu (JP) are:

•His Eminence
The Most Revd. S.O Matilukuro (JP)

•Rev. Canon Chukwuemeka Onuoha
(Chairman Consecration planning committee)

Osundu Fredrick
Diocesan Secretary

Gideon Otuekere
Diocesan Finance Committee

Saturday, 8th April, 2017 will ever be green in the memories of Imolites and Nigerians .



At 4.45PM, the event came to an end. And reception followed immediately.

To God be the glory now and always.


Report compiled by


GOODNEWS Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a writer and blogger. 

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