Of unparalleled significance is the feast of Easter
The ecclesiastical essence is a spiritual booster
On this frank historical event is Christianity driven
To all believers is now assured a space in heaven
It is the christians’ greatest non-drama tragicomedy
The symbolism makes faithfuls sing salvation melody
Christ’s resurrection was a confirmation of His divinity
And all Christians can make a claim to religious dignity
Easter is inarguably the greatest feast in Christendom
It’s what established our path to our glorious kingdom
Since Christ liveth, all faithfuls shall share similar fate
In a time Christ & believers will dine on the same plate
God’s superior wisdom we mortal souls cannot question
Regarding every knowledge He is an unparalleled bastion
But for God’s hidden reason Jesus didn’t need to be killed
Humans could have been saved without any blood spilled
In this life there is hardly anything like an absolute evil
By murdering Lord Jesus came the defeat of the devil
Judas Iscariot played a facilitatory part in our salvation
Would have wished he too enjoys eventual redemption
There’s a crucial lesson we must all put in our thoughts
Vital resurrection should happen long before our deaths
Rising above our sins is just the smartest way to start
Our known viles & vices we should all decide to desert
The Lord Jesus Christ has indeed risen to die no more
He has given us the ticket to our glorious heavenly store
A sweet relief it is for everyone who’ll choose to believe
It is the day that puts a seal on our collective reprieve
Amidst our pomp & celebrations should be a meditation
It’s more of a restitution time than a period of exhibition
Our feasting should be devoid of waste & frank profanity
Spiritual meals more than food underpin true Christianity
May this Easter ease the recession mauling our country
Grinding difficulties are taking our people to the laundry
Many are fast losing their inherent capabilities for coping
While some take their own lives,others resort to doping
To our merciful Jehovah be all the praises and reverence
His love stays unflinching despite our dense decadence
The symbolism of this season remains eternally reassuring
Beyond this precarious earth paradise is our home coming



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