Omotokpare Bebor (World’s oldest person) goes home: Biography and Funeral

Omotokpare Bebor (World’s oldest person) goes home: Biography and Funeral

Brief Biography:
Late Mrs. Omotokpare Bebor, the Okpako Eghweya of Obi-Ayagha was born in 1880 by Adeopha Folofo at Edurhie in Owawha, Ughelli South local government area of Delta State, Nigeria.
Ofolofo, her grandpa was her favourite pal.
Eyadueheri Akpogbiruvware, mother to mama (Omotokpare) saw the great trading and farming skills in her daughter and decided to let her follow that part.
Mama was not educated in the western way. But her Urhobo knowledge outweigh that of those who read Linguistics and Urhobo at the University.
Omotejivwie, the grandmother was more than a hundred (100) years before she left this world.





Guinness Book of World Records once posited:

World’s oldest person Emma Morano dies aged 117

Guinness World Records is saddened to learn of the passing of Emma Martina Luigia Morano of Vercelli, Italy, holder of the record titles for Oldest living person and Oldest living woman.

Mama Omotokpare Bebor’s birth is on record. Not an assumption.



Mama’s (Omotokpare Bebor) family is known for old age before departure.

Motokpare Bebor
She is survived by:
5 children, 34 grand children, 90 great grand children, 30 great great grand children and 1 great great great grand child.

Mr. Onoruebore Bebor (late)
Mrs. Onoghemueta Onochojare (late)
Mrs. Agberia Ogbererumiovwin
Miss Bebor Obi
Mrs. Esther Oga.

In 1911, Mama gave birth to her very first child. Onoruebore Bebor (first son) who left this planet in April, 1994 at age 83 years. This wrecked mama’s heart to the core. As a result of the love she had for him, she couldn’t pick up herself properly till she gave up the ghost in 2016.
Mama was born in 1880 at Owawha in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State, Nigeria.

The family of Akpojihwovwo in Obi-Ayagha town and Ofolofo in Owahwa town both in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State, really missed their lovely mother, sister, aunty, great great grand mother, great grand mother, mother in-law, and wife.

Mama until her departure from this planet was a hardworking farmer and trader.

In October, 2016, the hardest wrecking news stroke the planet, the oldest person on earth (Omotokpare Bebor)
“Mama left this planet” at Obi-Ayagha town after a brief illness.

What mama suffered from in the evening of her life was ‘blindness’. The eyes were worked on by several opticians, but the case kept deteriorating.

Her golden voice never left her before she gave up the ghost.

Best musical minstrel:
Until her death, she composed almost 78 songs which many Urhobo artistes sang to fortune and welcomed popularity, with little or no acknowledgement(s).

Mama’s death is an ever-agony in the hearts of many.
One of the heaviest funeral in the recent past.

Saturday 22nd April, 2017
10:00am her corpse left Rose of Sharon Mortuary along Orhuwhorun road, Ovwian to her matrimonial home Obi-Ayagha for brief stop over.
02:16PM Her corpse left Obi-Ayagha to her family compound in Owawha town in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State.

Hearse which many in Africa called an ambulance (wrong name for a vehicle that is conveying a corpse with Sirene) with the lifeless body made entrance into the street that pave way to her family compound at Owawha town.
She was welcomed by atleast 68 persons fully dressed in white upon white attires.
Drums, cannons, elephant tusks (ogban) and others welcomed mama and countless number of persons into her family house in Owawha town at 2.23PM from her husband’s compound in Obi-Ayagha.

Ayagha women deserted their community to pay the last respect to mama at Owawha.

The heavy white elephant tusk (ogban) was carefully held high by one of the strongest women from Obi-Ayagha. The womenfolk (Eghweya) of Ayagha and Owawha came enmass to welcome mama and to bid her last respect to the great beyond.

For more than 18 minutes, they were dancing round mama’s coffin after she was carefully placed at a resting place. They danced and chanted several known joyful songs.
Some were ‘Mama, you will live on.’ ‘You are not gone.’ ‘Sleep on.’ etc.

Mama must be smiling wherever her spirit is at the moment.

Orators of the day:

Orator Gideon Frekete
a.k.a AtakiJesu 1 of Urhobo orators.

Orator Alex Oghorume
a.k.a Egodo re eranko.

Orator Ejovwo Akigho
a.k.a Obo re edjere.

Three of them really did justice to oratorical flow

for the day.

At 2.36PM, different articles were being thrown by the children, grand children, great great grand children, great great great grand children and others who had come to celebrate with them.
Items ranging from plastic cups, plates, cash etc. People responded by stomping upon one another as if it was a carnival of wrestling and Olympic display.

The christian band that welcomed, played and paid mama final goodbye was
Trinity Gospel Praise Band: …the people’s choice.

Mc Paparazzi
trill the audience to satisfaction.

The Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), Ughelli South Chapter were heavily represented.
Over 23 of them were well armed with sophisticated weapons at strategic points.
This brought absolute peace and decorum from the beginning to the very ending of the funeral.

Dj ChrisBeg was on the wheels and steels. His speakers were the longest and loudest I have ever seen on this planet, since my earthly journey so far.

Oka-Edo TV
Felix Studios covered the whole occasion in motion pictures (video coverage).

Ogbe-Udu community was almost emptied for mama’s funeral at Owawha to pay mama the last respect. Only those who were at home in Ogbe-Udu were really the age(d) icons and the infants. Ogbe-Udu left all their works for the funeral of Omotokpare Bebor (World’s oldest person).
The influence of Mrs. Agberia Ogbererumiovwin ERUEMUARE (SIR A-ONE)’s mother, Abraski, Keffe Eduba, Legend V. ERUEMUARE, SIR A-ONE and others really made the community of Ogbe-Udu to be deserted for mama’s funeral.

Mama left the world at the right time‘ what many seem to be chanting.
Despite the frequent rain in this rainy season, the weather was extremely clement.

Some persons that were seen in one particular canopy:
Mr. David Kpabo (Vice Chairman)
Ogbe-Udu community
Emmanuel Okporhon (Youth Leader)
Ogbe-Udu community.
Mr. Dogo Ighohwojia (Viligantee Chairman)
Ogbe-Udu community.
Samson Eduba
Obotaye Owini Denis
Retired civil servant
Pastor Paul Eruemuare
Solomon Sele a.k.a Akpakpasimagha
Chief Andrew Aphiphen
Aghogho Committee of Friends left Portharcourt to be in mama’s funeral.
Mr. Simeon Ojitire
CEO of Simtech Technology held the lead guitar for like 5 minutes and held everyone spellbound with his craftiness in guitar for the gospel band.

No event could be said to be more fun and entertaining like this. No wonder the saying ‘Respect goes with age.’
Those who came were excited to the very fiber of their existence.
No tears was shed by anyone. It seems mama’s departure at ripe age was a total celebration of life to young and old ones who came from far and near.

Agberia O. Eruemuare, mother of SIR A-ONE, Keffe, Legend, Omakpokpor, Friday, Edjiophe and Rita was seen in a very sober mood, despite using the white immaculate native hand fan to blow her late mother in the Hearse and outside the Hearse.
The above named children of Agberia O. Eruemuare are all grandchildren of Omotokpare Bebor.
Some had children, which are mama’s grandchildren.
Some of their children had given birth. Which translate into mama’s great grand children.
Mama lived a beautiful life devoid of court cases, malice etc.

At 3.36PM, about 7 great great great grandchildren in white handkerchiefs were swinging from left to right to bid mama farewell.

Traditions are meant to be kept and not destroyed.
‘If this is how sweet death is, I will prefer to die like mama.’ One guest who plead to remain anonymous noted.

‘As the eldest person on earth, mama has left while smiling’ one of the grandchildren noted.

St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Ogbe-Udu all came to mama’s funeral.
Agberia O. Eruemuare and SIR A-ONE (Mother and Son) are the members of the Church that their commitment moved everyone to the funeral.

In this report, no time to mention the clubs, associations etc that were ably represented at mama’s funeral and final farewell.

At 5.43PM, mama’s casket was taken shoulder high around the environs.

At 6.15PM mama’s body was laid to mother earth.

At 7.15PM, gravediggers were entertained and the whole occasion came to an end with cannon shots that were exploding like boko haram bombs

Mama sleep on, till we meet again in Jerusalem.

Omotokpare Bebor (World’s oldest person) goes home: Biography and Funeral
was reported by

writer and blogger.


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