Let This Time Come by Oki Kehinde Julius


Is it untill this darkness cover up our sky
Before you'll whisper to the glittering stars
to sparkle out their light?
Is it until this scorching sun —with heat,
Dry up the rivers of sweat on our skin,
Before you'll send down your dews and rain
To bang for us the drum of comfort and solace?

Why must this blooming moon
Keep depriving us her light in the noon?
Why must these morning dews
Fail to quench the thirst of our leaves?

Will this day return to her sacred abode,
Without you picking up our request luggage
We've dropped for ages at your gate?
Our bones are now acheing
These legs are tired of waiting.

Tell all these cocks crowing,
We're tired of waking
To the memories of work every morning.
Our hungry belly are not well fed
When our twin palm daily sweat.

We dont want Elijah's covenant of no rain
Shower down Noah's flood, to wash away
These signatures of illed fate.
Delay us not, like father Abraham
For we're not good at counting the stars of the sky.
Hacken quickly to our request like David
Before serpent will lure our hope, to eat the apple of eve.

Let this time come now
like the looms of light after the dawn.
Keeping us too long on this qeue
Might quench the fierce of hope and clue.
Our hairs are now married to grey,
Subsequent days,
We shall observe our marriage in the grave.

© Oki Kehinde Julius
Paragon Poet

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