World Longest Poem (Dr Fixit) Stanzas 2728 – 2730 by Godwin Inyang


World Longest Poem (Dr Fixit) Stanzas 2728 – 2730 by Godwin Inyang



Since our arrival in

The city, glaring is

The rapid progress of

A very dangerous trend.

We’ve seen the humans

Around the jungle,

The farmers, and we’re seeing

The ones in every city end.

In the city we’re seeing

Bills pasted, even on

Walls with the warning:

‘POST NO BILL’, with pictures

Of a young ‘robust’ set

Quitting life too early –

Not from ammunition or

Accident – but diseases

Of sedentary features.



It is no good life having

Money, eating rich foods,

Driven by cars, riding

The elevator, sit in

The office all day long,

Return home and sit tight

By the TV and then slip

To bed – not exercising

The body often

Is a lifestyle that’s wrong.

I’m sure you have a pet

Or two – watch what they do

After a while: do you

Not see them leap or run?

Watch too the farm animals –

They would gambol in

The open field and sprint

Over distance that long.



You kill yourself bit

By bit when you think

You’re living the good life

Because you’re in money

And you ask your money

To answer to every errand

In the home – to bathe,

You’re being pushed like trolley

By a servant into

The bathroom; like it’s common here,

Madam would just take

A permanent seat by

The gas cooker or stove:

For every single thing needed,

The maid all would bring –

Till the food is done;

Madam would just sit tight while

The maid up and down would rove.



© Godwin Inyang


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