The Lingering pleasure of bubble gum


It was during my primary school days when I bought a bubble gum to chew from morning throughout the day so I won’t be hungry.

Initially when I chewed the gum, it was sweet, nice smell!
I was enjoying the taste.

It came to a time around noon, the gum has lost its taste but at least it was still chewable so I continued not minding the distaste I felt.

A period to the closing time, the gum which was solid became watery like when food turns to a chyle in the duodenum.

It was that moment I knew I had enter problem. The gum’s taste changed from tasteless to bad taste.

I hated myself that day because the bad taste never leave even after rinsing my mouth with water!

What am I trying to drive at?
It is the lingering pleasure you gain from what you do, create, produce etc.

When you produce something, the pride grows in you, the pleasure you will gain from it seems unending until a time when you notice the depreciation in value.

It’s normal for things to depreciate in value, quality etc. But it is said that ‘when all things seems odd, it’s time to bring a new thing inward’.

Yeah, when what you create seems like it’s not bringing enough desire again, then you have to bring something new inward to complement it, to give it a new demand, an increase in demand.

Remember my bubble gum, if I had added some amount of extra gum or sweet to it, the taste would have been regained. But I didn’t which made me regret my actions.

So, staying with just a thing that is depreciating will be deppressive. Why not then try getting ideas and bring it all together to make yours that has been an old school, a form of new school?

You should try that!

Make your old ideas re-innovative and create something unique from it. Old creatives bring an evolution of new ones just like the Lamarck’s theory of evolution which states how the giraffe’s neck became long. It comes from a pre-existing short neck (use and disuse of body parts).

So, I have to urge you to be the giraffe who gets its long neck from a pre-existing short neck.
In what sense?
By re-inventing what has been invented using real and practical ideas!

Hints have been given, so you got to make perfect use of it!
Best wishes!
(c) 2017

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