The Cooker and the Morsels by Jodekss Gloatkenf


“`The Cooker and the Morsels


Jodekss Gloatkenf


Three morsels, stony hold the pot of str(l)ife

As two things are involved so do

Three morsels revolve rounding in fife

One pot rests its head on three through

The Cooker, consumer stays afar and checks his settings

He has come now to add salts today

and tomorrow, which are relevant for the following fish of fins

When the Cooker’s fate on fire for the pot seated

comfortably on three morsels, stony

In ipeed comes the Cooker to feed on his designs heated

If it is good it may be bad or soft it may be stony

to the Cooker as we are the design, decides the Cooker we finish fine

Decides the cooker we finish dirty.


I am part of the morsels, stony then to tell

The heat from fires are painful but well

I’m one of the morsels under his leading staff

We have cooked well yes we have

For we have done the utmost

Yes we would for ages come and boast.


Jodekss Gloatkenf“`




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