[SIR A-ONE] You don’t need anyone to SING your PRAISE like a SONG

[SIR A-ONE] You don’t need anyone to SING your PRAISE like a SONG

I dedicated almost 6 good hours checking how some of my posts were doing on

World’s catalogue of creativity


I was amazed at what I saw.

  • Some of the posts were:
  • 104,354 VIEWS with over 400 COMMENTS
  • 56,238 VIEWS with over 500 COMMENTS
  • 23,400 VIEWS with over 480 COMMENTS
  • 18,690 VIEWS with over 600 COMMENTS
    and a countless host of my very posts. I’m talking about my originally crafted posts and not what I posted for others.

I looked up and down and said within me

“Could this be me whom a Lecturer said I should forget about writing?”

Some persons can really kill the vision in you, if care is not taken.

I ran a check on him (the lecturer who belittled me in time past) days ago and realised he was no where to be found.

Some persons will share a link for you and beg Heaven and Earth for you to drop a comment.

Thank God I’m not like that. I know my calling is not for everyone. So why should I beg people to be my friends?

I have some persons behind me who are really instrumental to my advancement thus far:

  • Agberia Joseph-Eruemuare
    My mother.
  • Friday O. Eruemuare
    My elder brother who saw my through western education.
  • Donatus Enubuzor
    A dear friend who has been there for me editorially and otherwise.
  • Uvienutome Ejeke
    The Graphic-Lord who has been there for www.pengician.com

and others in Nigeria and Worldwide
time will not permit to mention here.

No pompousity intended, please.

I have been able to keep calm in several groups on Facebook and WhatsApp and observed what and what is going on.

I have come to the conclusion that
“Not the noisiest are the most successful, else, Facebook Lords and Gins would have become the most successful icons on earth.”

When the passion is not there, forget it!

Some are just after the cash, and not the passion. Focusing on the cash with no passion is a road to self-destruction.

I have not started earning from writing. But that will not kill the passion and drive I have for Literature.

Your case might not be about blogging. But whichever situation and circumstance you find yourself, please, stay focused and determined.
No one is appreciating you now? Don’t worry. Pretty soon, you will reap a glorious harvest.

Stay blessed.

If not God, please, forget it now and always. It’s not by your power. Ascribe all the glory to God.

Thank You dear Lord.

I’m back to my Literary Shrine, Friends and Foes.


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