Dr Fixit (Stanza 2700 – 2703) [World’s Longest Poem] by Godwin Inyang

Dr Fixit (Stanza 2700 – 2703)
[World’s Longest Poem]
Godwin Inyang
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Dr Fixit

Finally, I pass round
The order we join the bus –
We climb the inner side
Of the wheel and tyre,
Link the sliding door and slip
In through a small hole into
A hollow covered with
Padding; I climb higher
And push my head out
On a crack atop the frame
Round the windshield,
Looking at the outside.
I’m taking in human
Activities at the bus stop
Where rugged area boys
Working as touts preside.

For a seat meant for three
To sit, the conductor is
Rudely telling humans
Already crammed to shift
So one more passenger
Could join them – dare complain
You are having cramps;
He tells you to quietly
Come down and if you argue, then
You’ve opened the floodgates for
Other passengers, the driver
And touts to attack you –
Public transportation
Here is a hellish tour.

Stacked like sardines with
The door locked, that is
When the drivers start
Arguing with every area boy
Over which ticket they’d buy
Or not buy; then you’d
See different unions
Coming around – wearing uniforms
Are those in their employ.
By the time the drivers
Finish settling all shades
Of bus-stop touts, the humans
Inside the vehicles
Would ache all over
And their sweat would soak
Them from cap to their pants.

The curses flow like water –
Nothing to these bus-stop
People is sacred –
Your old parents at home
Are not spared. How would they?
I realize right at
The fringes of the bus stop
Are bottles shaped like cone,
Rectangle and cylinder
Filled with all sorts of
Alcoholic concoction
Which the road transport workers
Take as their morning tea
And daily communion.


© Godwin Inyang

Godwin Inyang
🔰Nigerian writer

Godwin Inyang

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