Burnt trees from the TOP in Umuola River [The agony of a person in a certain country]

Burnt trees from the TOP in Umuola River [The agony of a person in a certain country]


It has always been a tall tale for those who don’t believe in the power or the existence of the gods of the land.


We are Africans. We have a culture. We value and cherish our culture and people before the advent of the Whitemen who deceived us in believing our deities were powerless in the land. Umuola River has been one of the fruitful zones for fishermen and all manner of aquatic businesses. People are seen coming from other villages like Uzere, Umiri, Durezi, Amaiso and others. The river has been the opposite of what it used to be in the past.


After Chief Idiato Umuezere killed his virgin daughter all in the name of sleeping with a stranger who came to the land for the service of his father’s land (Nigeria). Chief is a kinsman of paranoia. He couldn’t subdue his ego when the rumour went out with the speed of light of his daughter and the corps member in the land. After he slaughtered the daughter by the Umuola river, it was dawn on him that she was innocent of all allegations.


Two weeks after the death of his daughter, the trees in the river got burnt from the top.


Our deities are still alive.

Our ancestors are not dead.

No wonder the white men are still chasing after the purchase of our artefact(s).


Chief Idiato has refused to appease the gods till date. His ninety-five years existence and survival comes from the defiled river. Now the river stinks. No one can bath in it anymore as a result of the offensive stench. Dead fishes are now floating everywhere in the river.


“The gods can go to hell and burn to ashes for all I care!”

He thundered even before the Igwe (King) HRM Eze Bafuna V1 of Inyishi Kingdom.



Work of imagination.




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