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To avoid becoming a catalogue of regrets by Uzoma Ezeson

To avoid becoming a catalogue of regrets
Uzoma Ezeson

Is it that you do not know who you are or that you don’t appreciate
who you are? Is it that you are blind to the wonderful talents you
possess or that you don’t see it? Why do you keep living in
self-denial of who you really are? Why do you doubt the authenticity
of your persona? Is it fear that probably you are nothing or fear that
you can actually accomplish something? Why do you hide your endowments
and then struggle to survive through life? Is life really about
surviving to live? Does surviving life mean that you are really
living? How much do you really know about living? How much do you know
about yourself? Probably not much.
If you knew who you were, you would appreciate yourself. If you could
see the potentials in you, you would regret everyday you ever doubted
yourself. You would shun all negative voice trying to bring you down.

You wouldn’t want to just survive through life; you would seek to live
life to the fullest. You would chastise yourself for any day you lived
below expectations. And, you would be grateful for whom you are and
for the potentials you are endowed with. You wouldn’t wish to live
like anyone, you wouldn’t dream of being like anyone. You would strive
to be you at every given point in time. Only then will you be
fulfilled. Only then will you be able to look back at your life and
have no regrets. Only then will you smile all the way to the other
But, if you never realise this, you will not know what you could have
accomplished. You’ll never find out the unique you in you. You’ll
never happen on who you would’ve become. You’ll never discover the
greatness in you. The world will be as though you never coursed
through it. You’ll be a catalogue of regrets. Regrets of what-ifs and
what-not. Regret of the things you never did. Regret of never daring
to step into the light. And the greatest regret that you never became
YOU – the YOU you were created to be. That’s the tragedy of all

A little advice from me, “Do what you are most afraid of and you’ll
discover how liberating it is. So what if you slipped the first time?
Rise and dust yourself. Better days are ahead.”

© Uzoma Ezeson


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