[Words from the Heart] My Call & When a loved one die By Appah Amazuo

[Words from the Heart]
My Call & When a loved one die
Appah Amazuo

My Call

hear my call!
trouble is near
lest i crumble and fall.
save me from further fear,
those that rise against me
are more and frightening
and ready to attack me like bee.
my troubles are increasing,
my bones are getting weaker,
let me not be ashamed;
my soul is always bitter.
am now rejected and despised
by the people i love.
O thou, send down your dove.


When a loved one dies

when a loved one dies,
tears flood the eyes
people always cry
for the lost dreams.
although it’s painful
to loose someone,
we must be prayerful
for the soul to be in God’s throne
while alive, serve God;
don’t be engulfed with sin.
always obey the word of God,
life with Jesus is wonderful,
our God is always merciful.
© Appah Amazuo

Brief biography of Pengician Appah Amazuo

Appah Amazuo was born on 5th october 1991 in his home town Bumoundi Ekpetiama in Yenagoa local government Area of Bayelsa state. He is the last child of eight siblings. Appah Amazuo is a poet, his poetic career started in his undergraduate days. Some of his works are already on air and he is seriously working on the publication of his first collection. Besides his creative career, he is also an established business man. He deals on supply of sand and chippings, his sand dump is located in down Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State. Appah Amazuo attended Community Primary and Secondary School Bumoundi, and went further to Niger Delta University, where he studied English and Literary Studies with B.A Hons. He is a romantic poet.


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