Without This You cannot succeed! By Adenuga George Daniel

Without This You cannot succeed!
Adenuga George Daniel

Being an Orphan is not too bad, there is a rough road ahead actually, You have no help coming forth, But there is a seemingly dangerous path, At the end of it lies your Success, Take the risk, follow the path. It’s worth it.
You are not born with a silver spoon, Neither were you born in the hospital, you have a little or no means of Survival, the future lying ahead seems very blur, but there is a tough legit work someone introduced to you, Take the risk, do the Work. It’s worth it.
You are living in a village, It’s pouring heavily over there, the weather doesn’t seem it will change soon, The road is so hazardous and slippery, There is a Giant River separating You and the City, But your greatness lies right there in the City, Staring you in the face with an open arm, Take the risk, Cross the River. It’s worth it.
You are an Average student, It take you 7 hours to study what others does in 2 hours, You are discouraged at your Scores, very frustrated by your lecturers attitude, But there’s a text-book that can help your weakness with little stress, but it will take you months to finish it, Take the Step, Start reading it now. It’s worth it.
You are a writer with vast areas to write on, No fund to publish your write ups, No podium want to hold you up to lectures, No encouragement from Family and friends, but you’re in one Whatsapp group, With at least 20 active members, always active discussing nonsense, Post it there, tell them to broadcast it, Take the risk, Don’t be afraid of who will steal it, you don’t know who might want to help after reading it. It’s worth it.
Whatever you do in life that doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you, rough paths often lead to beautiful destination. ➡Your helper won’t announce his arrival to you, he might be watching your movement and studying your dedication, trying to know whether you are worth his help. Don’t relax now when you had a strong reason for starting, Even the Bible Said Despise not the days of little beginning.
Forge ahead your glory await.

© Adenuga George Daniel


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2 thoughts on “Without This You cannot succeed! By Adenuga George Daniel

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It is in our weakest moment that will need a greater strength, but most often, that is when we give up. If we must win, we must keep trying no matter how badly our situation is. When we fall, if we can look up , we can get up. Your article is inspiring. Keep it up.

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