[Two Poems] Voice from the creek & The tall tree

[Two Poems]
Voice from the creek & The tall tree

The tall tree

Afflictions all around
the tall tree
waving with winter wind
lying lonely like laggard
in incurable ignorant.

who will wipe
away his tears?
save him from his dying days
save him from dark dreams
save him from tatty torment
save his wasted world
save him from buccaneering brothers
save him from further fear
save his sick soldered soul.

Voice from the Creek

O pardon me mother earth
my soul is submerged in iniquities
my hands are baldly bathed by blood
for this part i stand, i choose not
for this crushed heart, i desire not
save me from my dreaded dreams.

O pardon me mother earth
when the sun fade away
i have no peace of mind
i am like a child left alone
to die in the evil forest.

O pardon me mother earth
lest i sleep the sleep of death
afflictions biting me always
i have found no happiness.

© Appah Amazuo

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We love you now and always.

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