Things Fall Apart at home!

Things Fall Apart at home!

Boy: Daddy, was Goodluck Jonathan a bad President?

Dad: Your father! If he was bad what then shall we say of Buhari?
Don’t get me upset, else you will HATE me for life.

Boy: Why are we not cooking Oghwevwri (Oil Soup) again in this house?

Dad: I can see you’re not a Nigerian. Oil is 3 times the price of fuel.
What’s your problem, young lad?

Boy: Just simple questions and you’re getting offended. May Buhari continues to increase the price of everything in this country.

Dad [Chasing son with broom]
This house will not contain us again!
With this same broom they came to deceive us.
With this same broom I’m chasing you from my existence.
[Thinking aloud]
This boy must be an APC member. He will never return to this house again.

© Pengician MMVII


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