Redox as it is in chemistry is an acronym for reduction and oxidation. It is the addition and removal of electrons respectively.

Redox as related to life refers to the addition and removal of the necessary things needed to make it in this world.
The ingredients needed to add or remove from your lifestyle to make your works a success.

Life is full of challenges, ups and downs. But it is left to you to focus and give full dedication into making your dreams a reality.

Show me a successor and I will tell you he has made use of his early days trying to actualize his dreams, trying to apply the rules of redox into his life just to be successful.

Successful persons are not magician. No one is born with success but with hardwork, dedication, perseverance, failure with rising again, success will be attained.
Yeah, I actually wrote the word ‘failure’. Success can’t be attained without first experiencing failure.
And hey! It’s not just failure but failure with the spirit of rising again.
The great move of standing up on your feet to rise and actualize your dreams.

As it is said that ‘the path to glory is not smooth’. Yeah it isn’t but what?
Despite the roughness, some are making it up there. So, why can’t you?

It’s your future, you are free to determine whether to make or mar it, whether to take the success ladder and climb it till you get to the peak.

A coach who has a kid of four years decided to help his son build his brand at a very young age.
That’s a father who wants the best for his child and the child responding positively to it is a thing of immense relief as his future holds a bright one.
Success is knocking at his door at a very young age. It’s a blessing.

I didn’t mean you that is very much older than him are not blessed. You are blessed too so far you are doing what you should be doing. You are working on your success path.

Remember success and failure are both calling but you have the eyes to distinguish, the heart to think, the sense to relate which path lead to success and which leads to failure.

Thank Goodness, you are at your productive age (youth), your body is there whether handicapped or not, it is useful. So, why not make use of it?

Just like a friend said to me; ”I celebrate you because you are doing what you should be doing, unlike others who would be giving excuses”.

For you to be young doesn’t mean you can’t attain success.
For you to be innovative, creative and productive is a blessing and for you to be innovative, creative and productive at a young age is an EXTRA blessing.

Still, whether you’re young or old, it’s not too late to activate success.

If I say the world calls you to be successful, I might be mistaken.
Not the whole world needs you to be successful. A smaller part needed you to be a successor while a larger part needed you to be the other one.

But do you know that you can make the smaller part to become the larger part? Yes, you can.

It is for you to turn on the perseverance, optimism, positivity to move forward. When the larger part who doesn’t want success for you noticed these, they will try to provide impediments just for you to fall. You, as the determined successor seeing these will have to make your success bulb more brighter which will make your antagonists fed up of the whole thing. Along the line, you might get some of them as a supporter provided they decide to change their mindset towards you and to make theirs a success too.

With these, I hope and believe I can give myself the positivity and full energy that you will make use of the redox rules to step up above your antagonists.

(c) 2017

Sulaiman Rasidat O.
The Personal Development Empress.

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